Cal-Oregon State Postgame Quotes
Head coach Mike Montgomery

Head coach Mike Montgomery

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California Head Coach Mike Montgomery

On the Bears' trouble keeping pace in the second half against Oregon State's defense:
They outscored us 18-3, I think, at the end of the game, so some of it had to do with shot selection. We were not very comfortable against the 1-3-1. I'm just really upset, there's really no excuse for this. We just don't attack, we're afraid to attack. We just get very passive. They were a big zone, you've got throw diagonally across the thing, and we just got very tentative. We spent a good deal of time in practice on this thing... we talked about them playing passing lanes and the fact that you have to get under the thing and make straight passes, but nobody really wanted the responsibility up top to try to create a play for somebody down on the baseline, and as a result of that we had some just really, really key turnovers, just not wanting to make the play.

On Cal's lack of inside presence tonight:
As a result of that we couldn't get the ball down on the baseline and we couldn't attack the thing, and we're living on borrow time. I think at one point we were 5-for-10 on layups inside. We weren't finishing plays string inside. It felt like we want to be pretty, we don't want to grind.

On the Bears' difficulty guarding the Beavers' Calvin Haynes and Roeland Scahftenaar:
Calvin Haynes just pretty much had his way with us, and he got a basket late to his left hand that was the nail in the coffin, and we showed them that 15 times [in practice]. Roeland Scahftenaar looked like an All-American... every time we made a mistake, he stepped off and hit it.

On what comes next for Cal:
We've got to reassess this thing. It's just going to be a struggle for us... I thought we'd created some momentum and we've given it all back right now and it's going to be a real gut check for these kids to see what we've got in terms of toughness, in terms of trying to make plays... When we have to make plays in a tough environment, we're struggling.



Oregon State Head Coach Craig Robinson

On how his team competed:
I think I might have said this after the Washington game that it was an anomaly for us. As you can see, this team doesn't give up and I thought that for the first time since I've been coaching them that they gave up after that game. And as you can see we were down 10 at one point and we dug our way back, dug our way back. I'm very proud of these guys. I can't tell you how happy I am and it's been a terrific week.

On Oregon State's defense:
Everybody knows what everybody does on defense by this time in the season. All the teams get better at everything they do, including us and we just got better at playing it, we got better at defensive rebounding. I'm sure Cal's offense and defense has gotten better and that's what explains it. I think the guys are getting used to the way we play and are getting more comfortable.

On Calvin Haynes' getting fouled at the 3-point line late in the game:
If you notice, I don't call a lot plays, the guys call those plays and they're learning how to play basketball rather than looking at the coach and having the coach decide what to do. He got fouled on that three-it was a clear foul. And one of those two shots Roeland took was very deep, so those were big shots and that's how we play.

On Roeland Schaftenaar's game:
Roeland had a tough time against Washington in the last game. And he knows that he can play better and he just stepped it up this week. He's a guy who we rely on, our offense goes to our center and he did a masterful job today, just absolutely masterful. And he gave us a little oomph on defense, he had a couple blocks which we don't usually get from him. He had 6 assists, one turnover, two blocks and a steal-for a 6'11 kid that's pretty good.

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