Postgame Quotes: California-San Diego State

Dec. 4, 2011

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On the game
"We made mistakes that ended up costing us. We have to learn. This was a really competitive environment. It was a tough crowd. We really had a great opportunity, late, we really did. We had a two-on-one break, and we turned that into two points for them, which was critical. That was a huge turn around. The thing that happened late was our inability to rebound the ball. We couldn't rebound the ball; we couldn't go up, and get it. We were actually playing pretty good defense. They were taking some tough shots, and we couldn't come down with the ball. We ended up fouling and they made foul shots down the stretch. The other (problem), of course, was in the first half, we played them pretty well and then we ended up, down eight, on two or three mistakes, right before the half. There are a lot of things that I'm pretty pleased with. This is a basketball team at San Diego State. It's a great crowd. They're 8-2. They played a really tough schedule and they've been very competitive within that schedule. I thought we had our chances, and this could have been a great one for us. We have to learn from this. We have to figure out what little things we have to do."

On the second half
"One of the things that San Diego State has been able to do is get off to great starts. They were up 17 at Arizona, in the first half. We didn't want that to happen. We wanted to keep the crowd out of it if we could and play even. We did that. We played them even. I thought in many instances that we outplayed them and gave ourselves chances. We just didn't make plays when we had to make them."


Justin Cobbs, So. G

On what they missed playing without Richard Solomon
"Well, we think losing Richard takes our rebounding force away and shot blocking, but that's not the reason we lost. It's still on us. Richard is an important part of our team, but we still should have come out and done what we needed to do to get the win."

On what they did and didn't do well
"I think we attacked them well, off of the break and got a lot of layups. Defensively, we didn't rebound the ball, and we didn't shoot that well. Usually, we are a better shooting team than that, and that's just basketball. Sometimes the ball doesn't go in, and you have to go back to the defensive side. If you can't control your defense, then you can't control your offense."

On missed free throws
"That's concentration. That's my fault. Free throws are just concentration, so that's all on me."

Allen Crabbe, So. G

On what he thought about the game
"We definitely wanted to get this win; to come in here, in a tough environment, and get a quality win against a good team like this. We have been on a winning streak beating goods teams lately. We definitely missed Richard [Solomon] a lot, he would have helped out, but we just have to learn from this and move on."

On a few plays determining the outcome of the game
"I think basketball is all about runs and it's the little things. You can make one mistake, and it can be the difference later on at the end of the game, and I guess we just came up short today."



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