Vols Jersey Countdown #20

Aug. 11, 2012

Timber Tops
Dick Huffman
Tackle (1946)

Dick Huffman played right tackle on the 1942 Vols before World War II interrupted his college career. He returned to Tennessee in 1946 and earned All-America honors following the four-year break from football.

With Huffman on the line, the Vols made a full return to prominence in the South, winning the 1946 SEC championship behind a 9-2 record. Huffman and the defensive line held five opponents to seven points or less, collecting two shutouts in the closing years of the two-way player. Huffman was one of only two players to earn All-America honors in six seasons following World War II.

Rajion Neal
Tailback (2010-12)
"It was the number I have taken on and embraced. It is a number I saw other great backs wear. It is an opportunity to live up to the number 20. We have had a lot of great backs at Tennessee who have worn number 20. It means a lot to me to be in that same class and that same discussion."

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Joe Little - 1937-38
Fred Newman - 1939-41
Richard Huffman - 1942
George Murray - 1944-45
Dick Huffman - 1946
Bill Padgett - 1948
Bert Rechichar - 1949-51
Ed Godzak - 1953
Don Rushin - 1953
Stockton Adkins - 1955-57
Jim Cartwright - 1958-60
Ken Honea - 1961-63
Walter Chadwick - 1965-67
Bill Baker - 1968
Gary Theiler - 1969-71
Gary Rankin - 1972-74
Thomas Rowsey - 1975-77
John Warren - 1979-82
Charles Benton - 1984-86
Keith Denson - 1988-90
Joey Chapman - 1991-93
Chester Ford - 1994-96
Brian Lynch - 1997
Travis Henry - 1998-00
Derrick Tinsley - 2002-04
Demetrice Morley - 2006
Nevin McKenzie - 2008
Geoff Courtney - 2009
Mike Edwards - 2009
Rajion Neal - 2010-12

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