USC vs. No. 5 Stanford Postgame Quotes

    Nov. 16, 2013

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    USC Head Coach Ed Orgeron

    "It was a tremendous effort by the organization and the coaching staff. For some reason on Monday was a belief that we were going to prepare as well as we could and find a way to win the game. I'm awfully proud of our men. This is something we've wanted for the past Trojans and coaches that fought hard. This is for the Trojan Family."

    On Andre Heidari's game-winning field goal:
    "He made it. The whole game was a grind. It could have went any way, any second. We deserved to give our team a chance to win the game. It was a tremendous call by Clay and tremendous catch and tremendous protection. Tremendous relief. There was a big belief on the sidelines we were going to win.

    On how the team gathered together in the fourth quarter:
    "They were around me, I don't know if I pulled them together. I think they just came together. The bond of this team is really coming to a forefront. I didn't do anything really."

    On the decision to go for it on fourth-and-1:
    "I knew I was taking a chance but I looked in these guys' eyes and I knew they wanted to go for it. I wanted to give them the best shot to get what they wanted. It worked; it was a great call. It could have gone the other way, I understand that. But it was a good throw."

    On the team's attitude this week:
    "We wanted to work hard and prepare with the belief that we would win. That's what the belief was this week. Not in a cocky way, but these guys believed they would win and that's a good feeling."

    On the defensive line's performance:
    "Outstanding job by Clancy (Pendergast), outstanding job by Hayes Pullard. It's a total team effort. We really played well. We didn't do many defenses, we just played great technique and hung in there until it was over."

    On the fans' celebration of the win on the field:
    "I'm happy for the fans. It's been a long time coming. They've battled Stanford for a long time and they deserve it. They work hard. There were so many people on campus this morning I couldn't believe it. It seems like two days ago. There are so many hardworking, dedicated people."

    On the support from the fans:
    "It's about these guys, it's about the Trojan Family. I have a great relationship with these fans, but it's about these boys. To see them smile and happy with winning that's all we want as a staff."

    On whether he is happy now:
    "I'm an aggressive-type defensive line coach. I'm happy but I'm really relieved for these guys. I knew it would come down to the end. It could have gone either way but I'm glad we made the play."

    On his current feelings as head coach:
    "It's been a good lesson, I'm big into lessons and learning. I always tell the guys we learn from adversity and not to make the same mistake twice. I have a great team around me. I have some really good players."

    On his job future:
    "Obviously there's going to be a decision made here after we play UCLA. That's totally out of my hands. All I can do is work with them every day. I think everything happens for a reason and there's a greater plan. What that plan is I don't know but we'll work together on a daily basis that's all I know."

    On Stanford's defense:
    "We played against a very good defense. Give them credit. But we made the plays when we needed to. We just had to keep playing."

    On his satisfaction with this win:
    "Besides going to the big bowl games and beating UCLA, this is probably the best."

    QB Cody Kessler

    On the fourth-and-1 play:
    "Coach O it's his call and he could tell in our eyes that we wanted to do this. We were giving him that look and he could tell our offense didn't want to come off. Coach Helton called it and adjusted to what they were doing."

    On the strength of Stanford's defense:
    "It's tough to say. A lot of defenses bring different stuff. It's the best running defense we've faced all years. Guys were doing their assignment and making blocks but seemed like those guys didn't want to be moved. They were so big it was hard to get them off their blocks. For me, I just wanted to just take care of the ball, that's my main thing. Don't turn it over. Be smart and don't make mistakes."

    On Coach Orgeron:
    "I think Coach O is very unique. There's no one else in the country that's like him that I've seen. We absolutely love him. We'd run through a brick wall for him. He has that look in his eye that you can tell that when he talks to you he really does care. I gave him a hug after the game and I don't know if he'd want me saying this but I saw his eyes water up. It's awesome when you play with someone who has that same passion."

    On the team playing for Coach Orgeron:
    "You always play for your coaches. They put so much time and effort into you that you reward them by going out and winning games. The players and coaches that are involved are all that matters. There's no cliques on this team. Everyone hangs out together. Everyone's close and everyone's together. It's awesome when you have that family feeling."

    Hayes Pullard

    On the defensive performance:
    "I give all the credit to the coaching staff. They put a great plan together. We knew we wouldn't officially stop them, but we knew we needed to slow them down and match their intensity out there. We had to give it our all and go four quarters."

    On playing with minimal substitutions:
    "We practiced it all week. We knew from the past that we've been close. We knew it would be a four-quarter game again. We knew we'd have to condition during the week and be physically and mentally prepared."

    On playing under Coach Orgeron:
    "It was just a bond thing. Everyone knew how Coach O felt about his players. When you have a father figure like Coach O treating us all like sons and putting us under his arm, we want to run through a brick wall for him. One team one heartbeat, we wanted to carry that over. We wanted to show him that we are with him no matter what."

    Andre Heidari

    On kicking the game-winning field goal:
    "It's the same kick every time. Three steps back and two over, line it up. I did what I need to do and I'm just thankful for my team to put me in that position." "It was a good feeling. I'm glad I'm on this team. Wouldn't want to be anywhere else."

    On what he was doing to prepare for the kick:
    "I'm watching the game on screen, but I'm over there kicking and getting ready. I knew they were getting them in position. I run on the field every time, look at a spot, go for a target and hit it. Every kick is the same."

    On if he got encouragement from his team before the kick:
    "All of them. They all said `You got this.' They believe in me."

    On the emotions of a game-winning situation:
    "It's a fun situation. This is what kickers live for - competition and game-winning field goals. That's why I came to USC. I had a shot 2 years ago. I'm just glad I got the opportunity and glad my teammates put me in the position."

    Dion Bailey

    On the defensive performance:
    "All the thanks and praise for the front guys. It's just a testimony to how good our front is. The ball is coming out quick and with less accuracy because they're at his feet."

    On the excitement of the packed house: "This was definitely the most electrifying game here at the Coliseum in my four seasons. This game was very special to a lot of us. It was a great win for the university."

    Stanford Coach David Shaw

    "First off my apologies to Coach Orgeron. I waited on the field for about eight minutes to congratulate him but it was pandemonium out there and understandably so. They made the plays at the end to win it and we didn't it. I want to congratulate him. I wanted to do it face to face but I'll send him a note later.

    "They have a good team and they got healthy at the wrong time for us. Those two receivers are difference makers and in the second half we did a heck of a job slowing them down defensively. We didn't make enough plays offensively. When we did make plays, they didn't result in points. Against a good team like this playing at home, you have to get points. We went down there twice and had a field goal blocked and threw an interception. That's not going to win on the road in this conference.

    (On QB some missed opportunities)
    "We knew we had to make some explosive plays and had a couple opportunities and we have to connect when the opportunity is there. You can't hit all of them, but we didn't hit enough of them tonight. They are potential game changing plays."

    (On halftime adjustments)
    "We talked about that halftime. We were lucky to only be down seven. We held on as long as we could. They played great in the first half. They got after us and we knew it would happen. They came out like gangbusters. We withstood it and were down seven at the half and we tied it in the third quarter and had opportunities and that's the story of the game. Missed opportunities.

    "It's football. Dion Bailey has been one of the best players in this league for a couple years. If you give him a chance around the ball (on the interception), he's going to take it. He made a great play on a run play. We had a guy blocking him and he submarined him and made the tackle."

    (On playing in the Pac-12)
    "It's not just me, it's every coach in this conference that would say it for years now. November in this conference, there's no comparison to any other conference in the country. People can say what they want to say but it's not even close. To go back-to-back-to-back and play tough games like UCLA and Oregon State and Oregon and USC. It's tough. You have to try to run the gauntlet and it's the only choice you have. We were able to do it last year and it's hard. We couldn't get it done today."

    (On USC's defense and only using two defensive subs all game)
    "They're good. They have an outstanding player in #90 (George Uko) and #94 (Leonard Williams) is back who is outstanding. Bailey, Devon Kennard who is outstanding. That's the shame of their season, their injuries. It happens all over the country. We withstood it a couple weeks ago and we lost some today. But they had a chance to come back healthy and it didn't surprise me a bit."

    (On Tyler Gaffney)
    "He ran hard like he always does. He's an outstanding back and sometimes there weren't holes there and he made them. That first TD, unbelievable. It looked like he was going down and he spun out of it."

    (On second half changes on defense)
    "We emphasized a few different calls. We played better. We tackled guys. They have outstanding receivers and we made plays on them. But in the end 15 (Nelson Agholor) got loose and 9 (Marqise Lee) got loose and they're really good players and they made plays."

    (On the two INTs)
    "On the first one, it was a bad call by me. It never should have been called. We called it earlier and it was there and we missed it. We flipped sides and we tried it again and Dion Bailey is too good of a football player so he saw it the first time and came back the second time and made a play. On the second interception, It was Kevin trying to do too much. He was trying to get rid of the ball but he threw the ball in bounds. He should've just taken sack and played it smart in a tied game."

    "My hat is off to the kicker, who came back and made a big kick."

    (On USC)
    "Everybody except for the people in this conference is surprised by USC. They're healthy. They settled on their quarterback and is playing well and smart. They're running the ball well. They're playing really good up front and getting healthy at the end of the year. Everyone beat up on them at the start of the season but they played well tonight."

    Stanford Running Back Tyler Gaffney

    "We lost. It's not a good feeling. We expect to win every game and we came out here to USC and it's the first time I've lost to him and I think it's the first time anyone on this team has lost to them. It's a tough thing to swallow.

    (On USC's defense)
    "They're good. We watched the film and they've been hot the last couple weeks. We came out to play and they got the benefit of the doubt on some turnovers."

    (On if there was a hangover from the Oregon game)
    "Not at all. It was a Thursday game and we forget quickly. What have you done for me lately. We were focused on USC by Saturday. We were ready to go. If anything, we had extra time."

    Stanford LB Trent Murphy

    (On defensive changes in second half)
    "Probably the biggest change was a little mentality and a little bit Xs and Os. They basically broke all their tendencies with that personnel group in the first half and they kind of flip flopped on us and we had to flip flop with them and adjust in the second half."