No. 23 USC vs. No. 22 UCLA - Postgame Quotes

    Nov. 30, 2013

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    USC Postgame Quotes USC Interim Head Coach Ed Orgeron

    "Obviously a disappointing performance by the team. I think it was the worst performance we have had since we have started back together. We started off very slow, weren't able to run or pass the ball. We couldn't stop Hundley on the quarterback draw. We didn't play well on special teams. No excuses. We just didn't play well"

    On if he had ever had a quarterback play that well against your team

    "It has been a while, especially a quarterback running the ball. There were some concerns on the quarterback draw. They got us a couple of times. We were prepared, but they got us."

    On what they tried to do to stop Hundley

    "We tried everything. We tried what we call a push rush. We started blitzing and they started splitting us. It seemed like everything that we did they countered. Give them credit."

    On Buck Allen's contribution to the game

    "Buck has been a tremendous story this year and he has turned into a wonderful back for us. Buck is a good player. He played decent tonight. No one played well enough to beat a rival team, and that is our responsibility."

    On the slow start

    "We started fast on defense, but we weren't able to convert that to offense. We didn't move the chains. We felt we got behind a little bit. We played well in spurts, but the sacks really hurt us. The kickoff returns, kicking the ball into the middle of the field hurt us. We just weren't very consistent and overall didn't play well."

    On the energy level

    "I thought the energy level was very high before the game, about as high as it's ever been. We tried to sustain, guys had energy in spurts, but we weren't as consistent as we have been in the last couple of games."

    On the low energy during the game

    "It is about execution, that's all it was. We were really looking forward to playing a great game and we weren't executing and it took a little fire out of us. It was a ballgame all the way to the fourth quarter. Our guys will continue to fight and we will continue to fight and work hard and build on the things we can. We need to look at the film first and see where we went wrong."

    On [his] future

    "We don't know, we set out to go eight weeks in a row, one week at a time, one game at a time. Obviously we are disappointed, especially when you don't beat UCLA and Notre Dame that is what a head coach of USC is supposed to do. What the future holds, we don't know, but I do know this, this group of young men and coaches will always be in my heart and what they have accomplished through extreme conditions. They have grown as a team and I am proud of them."

    On the special teams game plan

    "We faced some really good kick returns and we didn't execute well enough."

    On the punting game

    "We had a couple of bad punts. We need to look at it. We need to correct it and open up the competition. I will say this in the past eight weeks special teams has been lights out. Tonight was not their best game, but overall their body of work was pretty good."

    On the anxiety of the future and when he thinks the head coaching decision will be made

    "I will take it one day at a time. Right now I am hurting for these guys and our coaches. Tomorrow will be a new day, the sun will shine and we are going to get up and get after it again We are going to look at film and correct it. Regardless of the situation we are Trojans and we are going to fight."

    Redshirt sophomore quarterback Cody Kessler

    On if Martin's injury affected the offensive playbook

    "Obviously it's never good when you lose two offensive linemen in the same game. It didn't change much. We didn't change the playbook at all, we didn't execute. Don't blame this man or the coaches, it is on us and we didn't execute. That is 100 percent on us, the players."

    On feeling pressure from UCLA's defensive line

    "They did a good job rushing. When you have guys like Pat that are rushing and are that big and strong, there came crucial times and some caused turnovers and some bad decision on my part, but there is nothing we can pinpoint right now until film. There still another game to get that fixed."

    Redshirt senior defensive end Devon Kennard

    On Hundley's impact this year vs. last year<

    "I can't say too much on last year, I didn't play. He (Brett Hundley) is a good quarterback and scrambled around. Coach put us in great positions, we just needed to get him down."

    UCLA Head Coach Jim Mora

    "That was a heckuva game and lot of fun. It reminded me when I was a kid coming here when my dad was coaching at UCLA and coming here watching both teams in their home uniforms. I had flashbacks. What a great night. Both teams were so competitive. I'm so proud of these kids, our young men, for how they fight and come back every week... to come in here on a Saturday night and get this win. It tells you where this program is headed."

    (On if this is the biggest win of his tenure at UCLA)

    "We've had some good wins. The Nebraska wins have been big. We beat Southern Cal last year. But this one, on the road and coming off of the ASU game, to come in here where they've won and where Coach O has done a great job - I'd agree (this is our biggest win)."

    (On momentum in the rivalry)

    "We've got this right now but we have to play them in 12 months. It's temporarily but it's nice to have it two years in a row."

    "Our defense played its butts off. We kept it simple and played hard. We got after the quarterback and they ran the ball well for a while but we got that under control too. It's no secret, it's about playing with good technique and then setting your hair on fire and playing football."

    (On QB Brett Hundley)

    "He's been running the ball well all year. He went 13 for 98 yards today. That's pretty impressive. He has a lot of confidence in himself to run the offense and he's tough to bring down and when it's open, let him go, let him run."

    (On whether he thinks Hundley will return)

    "We'll see. I don't know what his timetable is. I feel very hopeful and confident he'll want to stay part of this thing. It's special and you don't want to rush through this thing. The lure of the NFL is great, but there's nothing like a night like tonight. You don't get that there. It was more exciting tonight than playing in the Super Bowl."

    UCLA Quarterback Brett Hundley

    "A lot of players made it happen tonight. Our offensive line did a great job and our receivers balled out. They got open all game long and I just dished it to them.

    (on whether he's made a decision about turning pro)

    "I'm just focused on the season. After the season, we will sit down and make a decision."

    "It was a big win for us. Nobody gave us any credit last year. This win validates it. The one thing that's funny is that I never thought this was a battle, I thought of this as a takeover. UCLA runs L.A. and we have another year to say it."

    (On what Coach Mora means to the team)

    "The stuff he brought to the team and the way we flipped around, and 2-0 vs. USC. The aura of the program, everything's changed and we're really seeing it."

    UCLA RB Jordan James

    "I just tried to come out and be an impact player for the team and help us win."

    (On the frustration for being out so long)

    "It was very frustrating but I remained a cheerleader and tried to help the guys as best I could."

    (On the mindset of the team after ASU)

    "We bounced back quick and remained positive and got to work on USC immediately. It feels great. They're a great team and it was a good battle, but it feels great."

    UCLA LB Anthony Barr

    (Was it déjà vu at the end with his sack)

    "A little bit. I was just happy to put my team in position to win the game."

    (On holding down USC's offense)

    "We just did a great job on all levels. We made them throw a little more than they wanted to and did a good job on third down."

    (On Brett Hundley)

    "He's a great quarterback and I respect him as a person. We couldn't do it without him."

    (On the win)

    "It was awesome. It's our city and it will be that way for a while."