Hola, From DC and the Trojans in Mexico!

    Deanna Calhoun and the Trojans found a new appreciation for heights in Mexico!

    Dec. 4, 2013

    !Hola mis amigo! It's DC here to give you a brief update on our last day in Cancun, Mexico -- or what I like to call 'paradise'. After three days of taking care of business and coming off of two great wins, we got the chance to end our trip with some fun activities. Instead of just staying at the hotel resort, the coaches took us deep into the forest where all in four hours we snorkeled, rappelled and ziplined!

    Our tour guides split us into three groups. My group started with the best part of the trip, ziplining. I had never been ziplining, partially because I have a fear of heights (I know... ironic right?). There were three towers standing at 50 feet, 60 feet and 70 feet tall. Unfortunately, there weren't any elevators, so in order to get to the top of each tower we had to climb stairs, which was cool and all if you didn't look down. As soon as we got to the top the instructor clipped us to a red rope for safety reasons. Our student manager volunteered to go first, and to overcome my fear I stepped up and went second. As I stood onto the platform where the instructor clipped me to the line, all I could think was, "God. Please, please, please don't let this thing snap!" On the count of three I leaned back and WHOOSH down the line I went. I am so glad that I kept my eyes open. I have never seen so much green! It was quite beautiful to see. After overcoming the first zipline the rest were easy.

    Ziplining definitely prepared us for what was coming next. We rappelled from a 70 foot tower. Again, in order to get to the top we had to climb stairs. We went in the same order as before. It was pretty scary at first, but we got through it. The last portion of our trip was snorkeling. This wasn't the average snorkeling experience. We got to snorkel in sacred waters in a cave. There weren't very many fish, but we did see a few bats.

    After everyone finished each station, we ate lunch, shared a few laughs, talked about how scary or how fun ziplining was and headed back to the hotel.



    Overall it was a good day. We got a chance to bond and see more of this beautiful city!

    !Hasta Luego!

    -Dee Calhoun