Postgame Quotes: USC-UC Davis

    March 14, 2014

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    On the victory over UC Davis
    “Obviously, there were some great moments for us. In the first half, we came out really strong, played together, but there are still a lot of things that we can work on and improve upon, which is exciting because we have another opportunity on Monday. We definitely need to play a full 60 minutes, but we’re definitely excited. Davis is a great team, so we’re very proud of the girls.”

    On the difference between the first and second halves
    “I think we were really together in the first half. Everyone was working together, being really, really unselfish on the field and the plays were just happening because of our unselfishness; because people were working hard together and I think towards the end of the first half, and [into] the second half, we just got a little bit individual on the field and weren’t really committing to the things that helped us be successful in the first half.”

    On next week’s schedule and USC’s spring break week
    “It’s exciting. I think the girls are ready for it to spring break and be done with [midterms]. We’re excited. It allows us to spend more time together and really bond as a team and we also have a bunch of games coming up, so it’s really exciting. We’re sort of in the thick of our season right now where we’ve got a bunch of games and a bunch of awesome opponents coming in, so we need to prepare. There’s no school to worry about next week, so it’s all lacrosse.”

    CAROLINE DE LYRA, So. Attack

    On her contribution to the offense
    “I think our team just played really well together. We started focusing on a lot of teamwork recently and I think it really just showed in the game today. I just started to connect with girls like Michaela [Michael] and Danielle [Doherty] and I think it really worked out. We’ve been connecting in practice a lot before the game and it really just showed with all the other girls on the field.”



    On gaining momentum from a pair of wins
    “It feels really good to have two wins in a row. I think we’re just going to focus on our game from now on and see how we can get better throughout the season.”

    MICHAELA MICHAEL, Fr. Midfield

    On leading the Trojans in scoring against UC Davis
    “It was really fun. I think that we just had a lot of opportunities today. Our offense is moving really well together and Cara [Caroline de Lyra] hit me on really all of my cuts.”

    On being a freshman on a relatively new team
    “It’s really fun. All of us are real young, and really excited for our future. We have a really good [team].”

    On carrying momentum from this win into next week
    “It’s really good to start getting our wins together. It also gives us something to focus on in practice, especially the second half, so we’re really excited to get better these next couple days and focus on our next couple games.”