Post-Race Quotes: Pac-12 Women's Challenge (Saturday)


    March 29, 2014



    On getting the season started
    "Being at the starting line with other crews is a feeling that is unlike anything we have experienced this season. It was incredible to send our shell down the racecourse with the confidence that we've acquired from the fall and spring camp. Getting off to a start like this only adds fuel to our fire. We can't wait to unleash our speed so crews across the country will see how we have dedicated ourselves to this team and our goals."

    On the team's chemistry in the early part of the season
    "It's so rewarding to see each boat bond together and recognize each other as partners and boat mates while being able to come together as a team after the races and know that all of us are working towards the same goal."

    On facing a perennial power like Virginia so early in the season
    "Virginia will be a fierce competitor for sure, but what's great about this team is that we know our potential and we know how to achieve it. As long as each boat approaches the race with the same mentality as today, I am more than confident that we will finish this regatta extremely pleased not only with our results but with our performances."


    On the team's chemistry early in the season
    "In the short time that [the varsity eight] has been together, it has made many improvements on the water and continues to get faster everyday. We are all striving for perfection and aren't willing to settle for anything less."

    On the importance of getting off to a good start and having to face national power Virginia so early in the season
    "Going into today, it was really important to remember that rain or shine we had to show up focused and ready. It was definitely a big confidence boost to go out and post the fastest time of the day. The most exciting part was realizing that it's only the beginning and we are only getting faster from here. We are excited to show everyone what kind of speed we have. The race with Virginia should be a close one, but it is also important to remember that it is only just the beginning of the season."