USC Rowing Claims Fifth Straight Jessop-Whittier Cup

    USC junior Lindsay Gibson with the Jessop-Whittier Cup.

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    March 29, 2015

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    SAN DIEGO - The 10th-ranked USC women's rowing team won the prestigious Jessop-Whittier Cup at the 42nd annual San Diego Crew Classic on Sunday, March 29. The Women of Troy won the Women's Collegiate Varsity division and hoisted the trophy for a fifth consecutive year; a seventh time overall (2001, 2007, 2011-15).

    Racing against odds out of lane three, the Women of Troy started their race strong and finished strong to hold off a hard charge by Texas, which held lane one. The Trojans upped their stroke rate in the final 500 to complete the course with a time of 6:38.15 to beat the Longhorns' time of 6:39.74. British Columbia finished in third (6:46.16) just a nose ahead of San Diego (6:46.22), which was followed by tight finishes between Victoria (6:47.52) and UCLA (6:47.84). Grand Valley came in last with a time of 7:08.16. USC shifted its top lineup following Saturday's heats and this time had junior Madara Strautmane at stroke followed by Elizabeth Turner, Lindsay Gibson, Keret Einaste, Alice Riley, Darian DiCianno, Dorottya Bene, and Marliis Reinkort in the bow seat. The Trojan V8 was coxed by senior Kellyn Freire.

    In the 2V grand final, USC came out of the gates with a lead but found itself in a tight race with Texas and UCLA through the belly of the 2000-meter course. The Trojans edged ahead in the final 750, but were again neck-and-neck through the final 200. In the end, Texas pulled ahead to win the Jackie Ann Stitt Hungness Trophy with a time of 6:45.19. UCLA (6:47.96) came from behind to overtake the Trojans (6:48.38) right at the end. The trio had open water on San Diego (7:00.35), Kansas State (7:04.91), and Duke (7:05.13). Coxed by sophomore Kaelyn Ibold, the Trojans' 2V8 had freshman Kendall Sinosky at stroke followed by Ida Gørtz Jacobsen, Sasha Varekova, Sara Bilimoria, Kamali Houston, Caroline Boals, Katherine Gleadow, and Shelby Adair in the bow seat.

    USC's varsity four raced in the collegiate 4+ grand final in defense of its Plumleigh Cortney Cup. Though the Trojans ran a strong race, UCLA wrestled the lead away in the back half of the course and crossed the finish line with a time of 7:45.82 to claim the cup. USC finished in second at 7:48.98 and was followed by Texas (7:52.57), Sacramento State (7:59.92), San Diego (8;04.23), and Kansas State (8:18.40). Freshman Alexandra Fowler called the race for the V4, which had Gitta Kivilaan at stroke, Erika Blumberga in the three seat, Sofia Sobotta at two, and senior Elaine Krebs in the bow.

    In a V4 B final, USC produced an open-water victory with a final time of 7:57.58 out of lane one. The Trojans blew away the field, which saw San Diego come in a distant second (8:04.88) and then Duke at 8:17.19. Sacramento State finished in fourth with a time of 8:19.41, and was followed by UCLA (8:22.81), San Diego State (8:37.38), and UC San Diego (8:51.04). Sophomore Pecko Lin called the race for the Trojans' 2V4, which had Katie Hubert at stroke, followed by Isabel Fitter, Katherine Plaxe, and Megan Linney sitting in the bow.

    In the Women's Open grand final, the Trojans' third varsity eight came in third (7:12.52) behind Texas (6:54.12) which claimed the Carley Copley Cup and Stanford's lightweight eight (7:07.25). British Columbia was a distant fourth place with a time of 7:28.65, and was followed by San Diego State (7:47.79) and UC Irvine (8:00.95). The Trojans' 3V8 had Claire Purvis at coxswain with Hubert, Fitter, Plaxe, and Linney in the stern. K.C. Sullivan sat in the four seat followed by Karina Batek, Kate Melberg, and Emily McRight in the bow.

    For a complete schedule and race results, please visit Please visit for a complete schedule of races for the Women of Troy. Fans of the Trojans can and follow and like @USCWomensRowing on Twitter and Facebook.

    Mission Bay | San Diego, Calif.
    March 28-29, 2015

    Sunday, March 29
    * Note: Lane assignment noted next to finish

    VARSITY | Grand Final
    2V | Grand Final
    V4+ | Grand Final
    V4+ B | Final
    Grand Final
    1 (3) 6:38.15 USC 1 (2) 6:45.19 TEX 1 (1) 7:45.82 UCLA 1 (1) 7:57.58 USC 1 (1) 6:54.12 TEX
    2 (1) 6:39.74 TEX 2 (1) 6:47.96 UCLA 2 (2) 7:48.98 USC 2 (3) 8:04.88 USD 2 (2) 7:07.25 STAN
    3 (5) 6:46.16 UBC 3 (3) 6:48.38 USC 3 (3) 7:52.57 TEX 3 (4) 8:17.19 DUKE 3 (3) 7:12.52 USC
    4 (2) 6:46.22 USD 4 (5) 7:00.35 USD 4 (4) 7:59.92 SAC 4 (5) 8:19.41 SAC 4 (4) 7:28.65 UBC
    5 (6) 6:47.52 VICT 5 (6) 7:04.91 KSU 5 (6) 8:04.23 USD 5 (2) 8:22.81 UCLA 5 (6) 7:47.79 SDSU
    6 (4) 6:47.84 UCLA 6 (4) 7:05.13 DUKE 6 (5) 8:18.40 KSU 6 (6) 8:37.38 SDSU 6 (5) 8:00.95 UCI
    7 (7) 7:08.16 GV             7 (7) 8:51.04 UCSD      
    USC 1V8 USC 2V8 USC 1V4 USC 2V4 USC 3V8
    Bow Marliis Reinkort Bow Shelby Adair Bow Elaine Krebs Bow Megan Linney Bow Emily McRight
    2 Dorottya Bene 2 Katherine Gleadow 2 Sofia Sobotta 2 Katherine Plaxe 2 Kate Melberg
    3 Darian DiCianno 3 Caroline Boals 3 Erika Blumberga 3 Isabel Fitter 3 Karina Batek
    4 Alice Riley 4 Kamali Houston Stk Gitta Kivilaan Stk Katie Hubert 4 K.C. Sullivan
    5 Keret Einaste 5 Sara Bilimoria Cox Alexandra Fowler Cox Pecko Lin 5 Megan Linney
    6 Lindsay Gibson 6 Sasha Varekova         6 Katherine Plaxe
    7 Elizabeth Turner 7 Ida Gørtz Jacobsen         7 Isabel Fitter
    Stk Madara Strautmane Stk Kendall Sinosky         Stk Katie Hubert
    Cox Kellyn Freire Cox Kaelyn Ibold         Cox Claire Purvis