No. 4 Trojans Complete First Day at Lake Natoma Invitational

    USC's second varsity four took second place in the A final.

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    April 12, 2014

    Lake Natoma | Gold River, Calif.
    April 12-13, 2014

    Sunday, April 13 - Morning
    Group A: USC, Brown, California
    Group B: Notre Dame, San Diego, Stanford
    Group C: Kansas, Oklahoma, Sacramento State

    8:00 a.m. - Novice Eight Finals
    8:20 a.m. - Varsity Four
    8:50 a.m. - Second Varsity Eight
    9:20 a.m. - Varsity Eight
    10:15 a.m. - Awards Ceremony

    GOLD RIVER, Calif. - The fourth-ranked USC women’s rowing team completed the first day of racing at the Lake Natoma Invitational with mixed results on Saturday, April 12. The Women of Troy won races in the varsity eight and second varsity eight divisions against No. 9 Notre Dame and Oklahoma in the morning but finished second behind No. 7 Stanford in all three NCAA varsity races in the afternoon.

    The Trojans’ varsity eight boat of Vineta Moca at stroke, Krisztina Gyimes, Madara Strautmane, Keret Einaste, Madelyn Walters, Elizabeth Turner, Lindsay Gibson, and Svenja Jonas was coxed by junior Paige Fernandes. The top USC boat registered a time of 6:28.6 in the morning to defeat Notre Dame (6:30.3) and Oklahoma (6:49.8). In the afternoon, the Trojans were edged by Stanford (6:36.8) when they posted a time of 6:40.5. USC still outpaced Sacramento State by 30 seconds as the Hornets crossed the finish line with a time of 7:10.4.

    USC’s second varsity eight boat was coxed by junior Kellyn Freire with Deirdre Fitzpatrick at stroke followed by Darian DiCianno, Eglit Vosu, Jelena Miladinovic, Kajsa Olsson, Rebecca Shaffer, Kamali Houston, and Shelby Adair at the bow seat. The Trojans crossed the line with open water (6:39.3) for a win over Notre Dame (6:43.8) and Oklahoma (6:53.8) in the morning. In the afternoon session, Stanford won the three-boat race with a time of 6:41.8 to beat USC’s 2V8’s time of 6:50.2m but both teams outraced Sac State (7:17.8) to the finish line.

    The Trojans’ varsity four of Katherine Gleadow at stroke, Gitta Kivilaan, Frederike Hackenbroch, and Sara Bilimoria was coxed by freshman Kaelyn Ibold. The four took second place in both its morning and afternoon races. In the morning, Notre Dame won (7:22.3) as USC finished at 7:28.6 ahead of Oklahoma’s time of 7:50.0. In the afternoon, Stanford won the race with a time of 7:33.9 to the Trojans’ 7:39.6 and Sacramento State’s time of 8:08.4.

    The second varsity four faced three teams in a morning heat and won with a time of 7:32.9 to beat Stanford (7:41.6), Oklahoma (7:53.1), and Sacramento State (8:00.6). Coxed by Shelby Penfield and stroked by Erica Christianson with Erika Blumberga, Michelle Popelka, and Elaine Krebs in the bow seat, the Women of Troy earned a spot in the grand final and finished second behind California (7:45.3) with a time of 7:50.4. In the grand final, USC beat out Notre Dame’s time of 7:52.7 and Stanford’s time of 7:59.2.

    USC’s novice eight boat was coxed by Aly Scharpf. Marygail Dibuono sat at the stroke seat followed by Stephanie Griep, Brianna Morris, Karina Batek, Sophia Mitropoulos, Megan Linney, Anu Rajendran, and Lauren Hanano at the bow. Trojan novice racers went up against Oklahoma, Cal’s second boat, and Sac State’s second boat. The Sooners edged USC with a time of 7:25.1 to 7:26.5. Cal’s B boat crossed with a time of 7:36.5 and the Hornets finished at 8:10.7.

    For live race times, please follow @NatomaInvite on Twitter. Go to for a complete 2014 schedule of races for the Women of Troy.

    Saturday, April 12 

    Morning Session Morning Session Morning Session Heat 1 (A.M.) Heat 2 (P.M.)
    1 6:28.6 USC 1 6:39.3 USC 1 7:22.3 UND 1 7:32.9 USC 1 7:25.1 OKLA
    2 6:30.3 UND 2 6:43.8 UND 2 7:28.6 USC 2 7:41.6 STAN 2 7:26.5 USC
    3 6:49.8 OKLA 3 6:53.8 OKLA 3 7:50.0 OKLA 3 7:53.1 OKLA 3 7:36.5 CAL (B)
                      4 8:00.6 SAC 4 8:10.7 SAC (B)
    Afternoon Session Afternoon Session Afternoon Session Grand Final (P.M.)  
    1 6:36.8 STAN 1 6:41.8 STAN 1 7:33.9 STAN 1 7:45.3 CAL      
    2 6:40.5 USC 2 6:50.2 USC 2 7:39.6 USC 2 7:50.4 USC      
    3 7:10.4 SAC 3 7:17.8 SAC 3 8:08.4 SAC 3 7:52.7 UND      
                      4 7:59.2 STAN      
    USC 1V8 USC 2V8 USC 1V4 USC 2V4 USC N8
    Bow Svenja Jonas Bow Shelby Adair Bow Sara Bilimoria Bow Elaine Krebs Bow Lauren Hanano
    2 Lindsay Gibson 2 Kamali Houston 2 F. Hackenbroch 2 Michelle Popelka 2 Anu Rajendran
    3 Elizabeth Turner 3 Rebecca Shaffer 3 Gitta Kivilaan 3 Erika Blumberga 3 Megan Linney
    4 Madelyn Walters 4 Kajsa Olsson Stk Katherine Gleadow Stk E. Christianson 4 Sophia Mitropoulos
    5 Keret Einaste 5 Jelena Miladinovic Cox Kaelyn Ibold Cox Shelby Penfield 5 Karina Batek
    6 Madara Strautmane 6 Eglit Vosu         6 Brianna Morris
    7 Krisztina Gyimes 7 Darian DiCianno         7 Stephanie Griep
    Stk Vineta Moca Stk Deirdre Fitzpatrick         Stk Marygail Dibuono
    Cox Paige Fernandes Cox Kellyn Freire         Cox Aly Scharpf