No. 11 USC Rowing Completes East Coast Swing

    The Women of Troy raced Yale and Princeton in a trio of races on Lake Carnegie.

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    April 16, 2016

    PRINCETON, N.J. -- The 11th-ranked USC women's rowing team had strong finishes in a trio of races against No. 5 Yale and No. 9 Princeton on Lake Carnegie on Saturday, April 16.

    In the Trojans' first race of the day, USC's varsity four maintained second place behind Yale's speedy four throughout the entire course and finished with a time of 7:49.20. The Bulldogs crossed the finish line first at 7:42.30, but not before the Trojans walked up and made contact with the boat in the final 250 meters. Yale pulled away towards the end as Princeton's A four made a push and closed the open water that the Trojans had created between them. Princeton A finished at 7:51.90 and Princeton B finished at 8:39.60. The Trojans' four was coxed by Chloe Chrysikopoulous with Sofie Mikkelsen at stroke, followed by Katie Hubert, Molly Thorp, and Miona Mitrovic in the bow.

    In the second varsity eight race, the three boats were neck and neck though the first 500 meters, but Yale began to separate itself from the pack as it approached the midway point. Princeton maintained contact with the Bulldogs as both began to pull away from USC in the final 750 meters. Yale completed the course with a time of 6:45.80 to edge Princeton (6:48.90) and USC came in third at 7:02.10. The second varsity eight's race was called by coxswain Pecko Lin with Dorottya Bene in the stroke seat. She was followed by Sasha Varekova, Lindsay Gibson, Marliis Reinkort, Sara Bilimoria, Krete Koovit, Erika Blumberga, and Kendall Sinosky in the bow.

    In the final race of the day, the three varsity eight boats raced a tight race through the first 500 meters, but Princeton had a clear edge by the midway point. USC was within reach of the Tigers and had begun to walk away from Yale with 750 meters to go. When the boats were in the final 500 meters, a port-side Trojan caught a crab, which slowed the momentum and speed of the boat. It was the opening that Yale needed to catch the Women of Troy. Despite the slip, the Trojans regained their composure and rallied to the finish line and finished in a dead heat with Yale at a time of 6:33.10. Princeton finished first just four seconds ahead at 6:29.60. Junior coxswain Kaelyn Ibold called the varsity eight race with Athina Angelopoulou at stroke. Keret Einaste was in the seventh seat followed by Krisztina Gyimes, Madara Strautmane, Chloe Brew, Radka Novotnikova, Sofia Sobotta, and Ida Gørtz Jacobsen in the bow.

    The Women of Troy now turn their attention to preparing for their annual crosstown rivalry dual against UCLA. The Trojans and the Bruins will face off on the waters of the Port of Los Angeles in San Pedro, Calif., on Saturday, April 30. USC had defeated UCLA in each of the 14 all-time duals between the two schools.

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    Lake Carnegie | Princeton, N.J.
    Saturday, April 16, 2016


    1 6:29.60 Princeton 1 6:45.80 Yale 1 7:42.30 Yale
    2T 6:33.10 USC 2 6:48.90 Princeton 2 7:49.20 USC
    2T 6:33.10 Yale 3 7:02.10 USC 3 7:51.90 Princeton A
                4 8:39.60 Princeton B
    USC 1V8 USC 2V8 USC 1V4
    Bow Ida Gørtz Jacobsen Bow Kendall Sinosky Bow Miona Mitrovic
    2 Sofia Sobotta 2 Erika Blumberga 2 Molly Thorp
    3 Radka Novotnikova 3 Krete Koovit 3 Katie Hubert
    4 Chloe Brew 4 Sara Bilimoria Stk Sofie Mikkelsen
    5 Madara Strautmane 5 Marliis Reinkort Cox Chloe Chrysikopoulos
    6 Krisztina Gyimes 6 Lindsay Gibson    
    7 Keret Einaste 7 Sasha Varekova    
    Stk Athina Angelopoulou Stk Dorottya Bene    
    Cox Kaelyn Ibold Cox Pecko Lin