USC Varsity Four Defeats Brown

    The victorious V4 after they defeated Brown.
    April 23, 2017

    PROVIDENCE, R.I.--The No. 13 USC women’s rowing Varsity Four was victorious over No. 9 Brown on Sunday (April 23) in Providence, R.I. on the Seekonk River. While the Varsity Eight and 2V8 finished behind Brown’s boats, the Trojans proved to race with good speed.

    “We are very thankful to John Murphy and the Brown Rowing program for organizing the race and for their hospitality, and especially for giving our team a great racing experience,” said USC head coach Zenon Babraj.

    “Our four put out the best performance of the day. The race was very exciting with USC and Brown moving back and forth through the body of the race until USC finally pulled away on the last 400 meters.”

    Throughout the day, the Trojans faced outgoing tide and substantial chop. In the Varsity Four race on the fast moving Seekonk River, the Women of Troy placed first with a time of 6:35.17 over Brown who finished with a 6:42.54 time.

    In the 2V8, the Trojans had a very good performance as they challenged a strong Brown boat for most of the race. Brown finished first with a 6:02.69 time and USC crossed the finish line with a time of 6:09.46.

    The USC Varsity Eight had some trouble finding their rhythm in their race against Brown. The Bear 1V8 finished with a 5:53.82 time and the Trojans concluded their race with a 5:58.48 time.

    USC’s next action will take the Trojans to Marina del Rey, Calif. where they will test their speed against crosstown rivals, the UCLA Bruins on Sunday (April 30). ¬

    USC vs. Brown
    Seekonk River | Providence, R.I.
    Sunday, April 23, 2017


    1 5:53.82 Brown 1 6:02.69 Brown 1 6:35.17 USC
    2 5:58.48 USC 2 6:09.46 USC 2 6:42.54 Brown
    USC 1V8 USC 2V8 USC 1V4
    Bow Sofia Sobotta Bow Kate Melberg Bow Caroline McMorrow
    2 Ida Gørtz Jacobsen 2 Brooke Downes 2 Kendall Sinosky
    3 Sasha Varekova 3 Erika Blumberga 3 Kasia Pilch
    4 Radka Novotnikova 4 Katie Hubert Stk Krete Koovit
    5 Chloe Brew 5 Molly Thorp Cox Chloe Chrysikopoulos
    6 Nikoline Laidlaw 6 Lena Schröder    
    7 Athina Angelopoulou 7 Sawyer Chenen    
    Stk Astrid Steensberg Stk Alice Thompson    
    Cox Kaelyn Ibold Cox Madeline Young