Post-Race Quotes: 2015 Pac-12 Championships

    May 17, 2015

    POST-REGGATA QUOTES USC Head Coach Zenon Babraj

    On his team's performance at the Pac-12 Championships "Considering what we went through this year, with so many student-athletes fighting through injuries, I have to commend this team on its performance. They did really well against a very tough field. All of the crews in the Pac-12 are so loaded with talent and have so much depth. I thought our team performed to their ability and really fought hard despite what injuries and illnesses we were dealing with."

    On racing in the ultracompetitive Pac-12 and on awaiting the NCAA's selection announcement on Tuesday "If you consider what they've done historically, I think we stand a good chance of being selected. We were the fifth best crew on the West Coast and all of the teams in our conference are rated in the top 21 including Oregon State right on the edge. I thought we raced Princeton well when we left home and we're expecting that they will be selected, and if you compare our times to some of the other teams out there, I think we stand a great chance of being one of the 22 teams in the NCAA championships, but we've got to wait until Tuesday to find out."

    On what his team will work on if selected to the NCAA championships "First, we have to get healthy. We need to get our injuries and illnesses under control. I think this week in between, and now with exams completed, we'll hopefully have a little spirit of freshness. Hopefully, we can use what time we have to work on some technique and still get our speed up. We're still going to face all of the powerful crews from the Pac-12 and several more if we are selected."