Women of Troy Take Fifth at Pac-12 Championships

    USC's varsity eight took fourth place at the Pac-12 championships.

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    May 18, 2014

    GOLD RIVER, Calif. - The eighth-ranked USC women’s rowing team finished in fifth place at the 2014 Pac-12 Championships on the waters of Lake Natoma on Sunday, May 18. The Trojans’ varsity eight took fourth place, but the second varsity eight and varsity four each finished in sixth in their races while the USC novice eight was seventh to produce 18.5 points. Stanford won gold in all but the novice division to claim the Cardinal’s first Pac-12 title and snap California’s string of six consecutive championships.

    Despite being seeded in the top lane, the Trojans’ varsity eight couldn’t defend its 2013 title. USC was neck and neck with Stanford through the first 1,000 meters, but was overtaken by the Huskies in the final 750. Three seconds separated the Trojans, the Cardinal, and the Huskies at the 750 split, but UCLA was just a hair behind the Trojans down the final 500. Despite its position in sixth place throughout much of the race, California made a big push towards the end to climb ahead of both USC and UCLA and claimed third with a time of 6:22.5.

    Stanford completed the race at 6:20.8 to claim gold and edged Washington by just one second (6:21.9). The Bears were close but took third before the Trojans’ time of 6:24.9. The Bruins fell back in the final sprint and finished in fifth with a time of 6:29.5 just ahead of Washington State (6:30.8) and Oregon State (6:31.0). USC’s varsity eight was coxed by junior Paige Fernandes with Vineta Moca in the stroke seat. Krisztina Gyimes occupied the seventh seat followed by Madara Strautmane, Keret Einaste, Madelyn Walters, Elizabeth Turner, Deirdre Fitzpatrick, and Svenja Jonas in the bow.

    In the second varsity eight race, the Trojans came out of the gate strong and were just seats behind UCLA and Stanford in the first 500 meters, but Cal, Washington, and WSU made a push to climb ahead of USC by the midpoint of the course. With 500 meters to go, the Trojans found themselves behind but just inches out of fourth place. Washington and WSU fought off the USC push and held the Trojans to sixth with a time of 6:47.0. Stanford won its second gold medal with a time of 6:34.2 and was followed by UCLA (6:37.1), Cal (6:39.2), Washington (6:40.6), and WSU (6:41.8). Oregon State finished in seventh place with a time of 6:52.4. USC’s 2V8 was coxed by Kellyn Freire and stroked by Eglit Vosu. Vosu was followed by Shelby Adair, Lindsay Gibson, Darian DiCianno, Kajsa Olsson, Jelena Miladinovic, Kamali Houston, and Rebecca Shaffer in the bow seat.

    Right out of the starting blocks, the Trojans found themselves in the middle of the pack in the varsity four race. By the 1,000-meter mark, Stanford, Washington, and Cal had established a clear lead over the other four boats. USC fought to stay a couple seats behind Washington State but had to deal with a hard-charging UCLA boat by the 750 mark. The Bruins climbed within two seconds of the Women of Troy by the 500-meter split, and overtook USC in the final sprint. The Trojans finished in sixth with a time of 7:35.8.

    The varsity four victory was the first of the three Stanford gold medals. The Cardinal four crossed the line with open water and registered a time of 7:13.2, followed by Washington (7:17.1), Cal (7:19.8), Washington State (7:30.5), and UCLA (7:33.5). Oregon State finished in seventh with a time of 7:47.4. USC’s varsity four was coxed by freshman Kaelyn Ibold with Frederike Hackenbroch in the stroke seat followed by Gitta Kivilaan, Katherine Gleadow, and Sara Bilimoria.

    USC’s novice eight finished in seventh place with a time of 7:19.8. Washington won the novice title with a time of 6:49.8 and was followed by UCLA (6:54.5), Stanford (7:01.8), California (7:02.8), Washington State (7:09.9), and Oregon State (7:14.0). The Trojans found themselves in a battle with Washington State and Oregon State through the first 500 meters, but the Cougars began to pull away at the midway point. USC was head-to-head with the Beavers entering the final 500, but Oregon State had one last move to go ahead of the Trojans and claim sixth place.

    The Trojans’ novice eight was coxed by Aly Scharpf with Marygail Dibuono at the stroke. Stephanie Griep was in the seventh seat followed by Brianna Morris, Erika Blumberga, Sophia Mitropoulos, Karina Batek, Alyssa Capellino, and Megan Linney in the bow.

    The Women of Troy now await the NCAA’s announcement of the field for the 2014 NCAA Division I Women’s Rowing Championships as an at-large selection. The selection show takes place at 2 p.m. PT on Tuesday, May 20, and is streamed live on NCAA.com. Please visit USCTrojans.com for more information.

    Lake Natoma | Gold River, Calif.
    May 18, 2014

    * Note: Lane assignment noted next to finish

    1 (2) 6:20.8 Stanford 1 (1) 6:34.2 Stanford 1 (1) 7:13.2 Stanford 1 (1) 6:49.8 Washington
    2 (4) 6:21.9 Washington 2 (4) 6:37.1 UCLA 2 (2) 7:17.1 Washington 2 (3) 6:54.5 UCLA
    3 (3) 6:22.5 California 3 (2) 6:39.2 California 3 (3) 7:19.8 California 3 (7) 7:01.8 Stanford
    4 (1) 6:24.9 USC 4 (3) 6:40.6 Washington 4 (5) 7:30.5 Wash. State 4 (2) 7:02.8 California
    5 (5) 6:29.5 UCLA 5 (6) 6:41.8 Wash. State 5 (6) 7:33.5 UCLA 5 (5) 7:09.9 Wash. State
    6 (6) 6:30.8 Wash. State 6 (5) 6:47.0 USC 6 (4) 7:35.8 USC 6 (4) 7:14.0 Oregon State
    7 (7) 6:31.0 Oregon State 7 (7) 6:52.4 Oregon State 7 (7) 7:47.4 Oregon State 7 (6) 7:19.8 USC
    USC 1V8 USC 2V8 USC 1V4 USC N8
    Bow Svenja Jonas Bow Rebecca Shaffer Bow Sara Bilimoria Bow Megan Linney
    2 Deirdre Fitzpatrick 2 Kamali Houston 2 Katherine Gleadow 2 Alyssa Capellino
    3 Elizabeth Turner 3 Jelena Miladinovic 3 Gitta Kivilaan 3 Karina Batek
    4 Madelyn Walters 4 Kajsa Olsson Stk Fred. Hackenbroch 4 Sophia Mitropoulos
    5 Keret Einaste 5 Darian DiCianno Cox Kaelyn Ibold 5 Erika Blumberga
    6 Madara Strautmane 6 Lindsay Gibson     6 Brianna Morris
    7 Krisztina Gyimes 7 Shelby Adair     7 Stephanie Griep
    Stk Vineta Moca Stk Eglit Vosu     Stk Marygail Dibuono
    Cox Paige Fernandes Cox Kellyn Freire     Cox Aly Scharpf
    1 44.5 Stanford
    2 35.5 Washington
    3 32.0 California
    4 27.0 UCLA
    5 18.5 USC
    6 17.5 Washington State
    7 7.0 Oregon State