USC Completes First Day at NCAA Rowing Championships

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    May 27, 2016

    GOLD RIVER, Calif. -- The 12th-ranked USC women's rowing team completed its first day of competition at the 2016 NCAA Championships on the waters of Lake Natoma on Friday, May 27, and advanced its varsity eight to the I Eights A/B semifinals. The Trojans' 2V8 and V4 will each race in the C/D semifinals.

    Racing in the first division I race of the day, the varsity eight maintained contact with the top two finishers through the first 1000 meters, but was left to fight for third place when California (6:15.958) and Texas (6:18.147) pulled away to claim berths in the A/B semifinals. The Trojans fended off a push by Syracuse to finish in third with a time of 6:25.215 to the Orange's 6:27.012. Indiana came in fifth at 6:31.060.

    In its repechage, the varsity eight changed its stroke and completed a solid run through the course to finish in second place to Wisconsin (6:28.632). The Women of Troy held strong in second place for much of the race but put together a big third piece to pull even with the Badgers. In the end, Wisconsin created the separation it needed to win by two seconds to USC's 6:30.852. Gonzaga finished in third almost four seconds behind the Trojans, who claimed a spot in the A/B semis.

    In the II Eights' first heat, the Trojan 2V8 found itself in a three-way battle for third place with Wisconsin and Syracuse. At the front of the pack was Brown, which finished at 6:35.642 to edge Stanford's time of 6:37.571. The Bears and the Cardinal took the A/B semifinal spots and left the other three to battle it out. Wisconsin pulled away for third place (6:43.091) but Syracuse had enough to hold off the Trojans with a time of 6:47.124 to 6:48.963.

    Wisconsin proved it was worthy of the A/B semifinals as it produced a 6:39.069 finish to win the II Eights repechage. The Badgers only barely edged out Washington State, which came in at 6:39.451 out of the fourth lane. The Cougars needed a big final stretch to go ahead of Duke (6:40.045), which was sent to the C/D semifinals along with Gonzaga (6:47.967), USC (6:50.132), Rhode Island (7:07.191), and Jacksonville (7:25.041). The Trojans also shuffled their 2V8 lineup between the II Eights heats and the II Eights repechage.

    USC's varsity four took a pair of fourth-place finishes on the day, first in their heat, and then in the repechage. In the morning heats, USC was neck and neck with Duke through the heart of the race, but Washington (7:18.986) was the clear winner ahead of Ohio State (7:22.736). Duke crossed the line at 7:36.736 to put USC in fourth at 7:38.718. Rhode Island (8:02.674) and Central Florida (8:06.654) were well behind the rest of the group for fifth and sixth place finishes.

    In the Fours repechage, the field was much further spread apart as Brown and Wisconsin battled it out for the two A/B semifinal spots. The Badgers led for the first three fourths of the race but a strong push by the Bears helped Brown secure the top time at 7:28.238. Wisconsin came in second at 7:29.469. Syracuse was unchallenged in the third spot and finished with a time of 7:38.280. USC also was alone when it crossed the line in fourth place at 7:45.363. Navy finished in fifth at 7:54.930 and was followed by Gonzaga (7:58.742) and Central Florida (8:14.096).

    For all of the latest news, results and a webcast of all races at the NCAA Championships, visit will post live times throughout the championships under event No. 397. For more information on USC women's rowing and a complete schedule, please visit, and follow @USCWomensRowing on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

    Lake Natoma | Gold River, Calif.
    Friday, May 27, 2016

    * Lane assignments listed in parenthesis

    Heat 1
    Heat 1
    Heat 4
    1 (1) 6:15.958 California 1 (1) 6:35.642 Brown 1 (1) 7:18.986 Washington
    2 (2) 6:18.147 Texas 2 (2) 6:37.571 Stanford 2 (2) 7:22.521 Ohio State
    3 (3) 6:25.215 USC 3 (3) 6:43.091 Wisconsin 3 (3) 7:36.736 Duke
    4 (4) 6:27.012 Syracuse 4 (4) 6:47.124 Syracuse 4 (4) 7:38.718 USC
    5 (5) 6:31.060 Indiana 5 (5) 6:48.963 USC 5 (6) 8:02.674 Rhode Island
                6 (5) 8:06.654 UCF
    Bow Ida Gørtz Jacobsen Bow Erika Blumberga Bow Miona Mitrovic
    2 Sofia Sobotta 2 Brooke Downes 2 Molly Thorp
    3 Sasha Varekova 3 Sara Bilimoria 3 Katie Hubert
    4 Chloe Brew 4 Lindsay Gibson Stk Kendall Sinosky
    5 Radka Novotnikova 5 Keret Einaste Cox Chloe Chrysikopoulos
    6 Krisztina Gyimes 6 Krete Koovit    
    7 Madara Strautmane 7 Marliis Reinkort    
    Stk Athina Angelopoulou Stk Sofie Mikkelsen    
    Cox Kaelyn Ibold Cox Pecko Lin    
    Repechage 1
    Repechage 1
    Repechage 1
    1 (2) 6:28.632 Wisconsin 1 (1) 6:39.069 Wisconsin 1 (2) 7:28.238 Brown
    2 (1) 6:30.852 USC 2 (4) 6:39.451 Washington St. 2 (1) 7:29.469 Wisconsin
    3 (3) 6:34.673 Gonzaga 3 (2) 6:40.045 Duke 3 (3) 7:38.280 Syracuse
    4 (4) 6:36.749 Washington St. 4 (3) 6:47.967 Gonzaga 4 (4) 7:45.363 USC
    5 (5) 6:38.694 Indiana 5 (5) 6:50.132 USC 5 (5) 7:54.930 Navy
    6 (6) 6:56.229 Rhode Island 6 (6) 7:07.191 Rhode Island 6 (6) 7:58.742 Gonzaga
    7 (7) 7:15.067 Jacksonville 7 (7) 7:25.041 Jacksonville 7 (7) 8:14.096 UCF
    Bow Ida Gørtz Jacobsen Bow Erika Blumberga Bow Miona Mitrovic
    2 Sofia Sobotta 2 Brooke Downes 2 Molly Thorp
    3 Radka Novotnikova 3 Sara Bilimoria 3 Katie Hubert
    4 Chloe Brew 4 Krete Koovit Stk Kendall Sinosky
    5 Sasha Varekova 5 Marliis Reinkort Cox Chloe Chrysikopoulos
    6 Athina Angelopoulou 6 Lindsay Gibson    
    7 Madara Strautmane 7 Keret Einaste    
    Stk Krisztina Gyimes Stk Sofie Mikkelsen    
    Cox Kaelyn Ibold Cox Pecko Lin