Trojan Boats Advance to C Finals at NCAA Championships

    USC's varsity four took second in the C/D semifinals.

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    2015 NCAA Women's Rowing Championships
    Lake Natoma • Gold River, Calif.
    Friday-Sunday, May 29-31, 2015
    Hosted by the Sacramento State Aquatic Center

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    May 30, 2015

    GOLD RIVER, Calif. - The 15th-ranked USC women's rowing team finished second in all three races on the second day (Saturday, May 30) of the 2015 NCAA Championships at Lake Natoma. The varsity eight, second varsity eight, and the varsity four all advanced to take lanes in respective C finals set for Sunday (May 31).

    The varsity eight will race in the I Eights C final at 10:35 a.m. PT with the second varsity eight set for the II Eights C final at 10:15 a.m. The USC varsity four will race at 9:55 a.m. in the Fours C final.

    The Trojans' varsity eight started the day in its I Eights semifinal and burst out of the gate to open its run. USC built a quick one-length lead over the field and continued to walk. The Trojans maintained that lead at the halfway mark, but were only a few seats ahead of Gonzaga with 500 meters to go. The Bulldogs ate away at the USC lead one seat at a time and pulled in front of the Trojans as they closed in on the finish line. Gonzaga crossed the line first with a time of 6:40.532 to keep USC in second (6:42.987). Both crews outdistanced third-place Central Florida (6:56.434), fourth-place Massachusetts (7:01.997), and fifth-place Navy (7:09.655).

    The USC V8 was coxed by senior Kellyn Freire, who had freshman stroke Dorottya Bene in front of her. Elizabeth Turner sat in the seventh seat followed by Lindsay Gibson, Keret Einaste, Madara Strautmane, Darian DiCianno, Alice Riley, and Marliis Reinkort in the bow.

    In the II Eights C/D semifinals, the Trojans' second varsity eight stayed neck and neck with the race's winner Princeton through the first 500 meters, but the Tigers created a half boat-length lead at the 1000-meter mark. Princeton had pulled away from the pack with 500 meters remaining and finished in first with a time of 6:51.267. USC crossed the finish line in second place at 6:55.057, and had open water over Northeastern's time of 7:01.595 in third place, Gonzaga's fourth-place finish at 7:05.433, and Navy's fifth-place finish (7:20.607).

    The Trojans' second varsity eight was coxed by sophomore Kaelyn Ibold with freshman Kendall Sinosky at stroke. She was followed by Ida Gørtz Jacobsen, Sasha Varekova, Sara Bilimoria, Gitta Kivilaan, Caroline Boals, Katherine Gleadow, and Shelby Adair in the bow.

    In the Fours C/D semifinals, USC's varsity four came out of the gate churning and led for the first 1000 meters. At one point, the Trojans were bow to stern over Harvard, but the Crimson climbed back into the race seat by seat and overtook the Trojans with 500 meters to go. Harvard took a couple of seats from USC and finished in first with a time of 7:35.039. The Trojans came in second at 7:37.606 but had open water over Gonzaga (7:41.796). Northeastern was far off the pace with a fourth-place time of 7:53.274 but was still ahead of fifth-place Massachusetts (7:57.683). USC's V4 was coxed by Alexandra Fowler with Isabel Fitter at stroke, followed by Sofia Sobotta, Elaine Krebs, and Kamali Houston at bow.

    All races will be streamed live on Regatta Timing will provide live times and splits for all races. Please visit for more information and links. Please visit for a complete schedule of races for the Women of Troy. Fans of the Trojans can and follow and like @USCWomensRowing on Twitter and Facebook.

    Lake Natoma | Gold River, Calif.
    Saturday, May 30, 2015

    * Note: Lane assignment noted next to finish

    1 (1) 6:40.532 Gonzaga 1 (2) 6:51.267 Princeton 1 (2) 7:35.039 Harvard
    2 (2) 6:42.987 USC 2 (1) 6:55.057 USC 2 (1) 7:37.606 USC
    3 (3) 6:56.434 UCF 3 (3) 7:01.595 Northeastern 3 (4) 7:41.796 Gonzaga
    4 (4) 7:01.997 Massachusetts 4 (4) 7:05.433 Gonzaga 4 (3) 7:53.274 Northeastern
    5 (5) 7:09.655 Navy 5 (5) 7:20.607 Navy 5 (5) 7:57.683 Massachusetts
    USC 1V8 USC 2V8 USC 1V4
    Bow Marliis Reinkort Bow Shelby Adair Bow Kamali Houston
    2 Alice Riley 2 Katherine Gleadow 2 Elaine Krebs
    3 Darian DiCianno 3 Caroline Boals 3 Sofia Sobotta
    4 Madara Strautmane 4 Gitta Kivilaan Stk Isabel Fitter
    5 Keret Einaste 5 Sara Bilimoria Cox Alexandra Fowler
    6 Lindsay Gibson 6 Sasha Varekova    
    7 Elizabeth Turner 7 Ida Gørtz Jacobsen    
    Stk Dorottya Bene Stk Kendall Sinosky    
    Cox Kellyn Freire Cox Kaelyn Ibold