Women of Troy Take 10th at NCAA Championships

    USC appeared in its sixth straight NCAA championships this season.

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    2014 NCAA Women's Rowing Championships
    Eagle Creek Park | Indianapolis, Ind.
    Friday-Sunday, May 30-June 1
    Hosted by Notre Dame and the Indiana Sports Corporation

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    June 1, 2014

    INDIANAPOLIS - The 11th-ranked Women of Troy concluded racing in the 2014 NCAA Division I Women's Rowing Championships at Eagle Creek Park on Sunday, June 1. USC's varsity four claimed sixth place in the grand final while each of the varsity eight boats took sixth in petite finals for 12th place overall. The Trojans finished with 72 points for a 10th-place team finish in the final standings.

    All boats in the Fours Grand Final came out of the gates aggressively and raced a near dead heat through the first 500 meters, but Brown, California, and Stanford began to pull away from the pack at the midpoint. The Trojans fell back and were never able to recover. Cal made a move with 500 meters to go and climbed ahead to hold off its challengers and take first with a time of 7:43.088. Stanford finished second (7:44.379), Virginia took third (7:45.948), Brown fourth (7:47.978), Washington fifth (7:48.519), and USC sixth with a time of 7:56.865.

    USC's varsity four was coxed by Kaelyn Ibold with Lindsay Gibson at stroke, followed by Darian DiCianno, Kajsa Olsson, and Rebecca Shaffer in the bow seat.

    In the I Eights petite final, Princeton seized the early lead and never let go to finish first with a time of 6:51.795. Early on, the Trojans were in battle with Notre Dame, Indiana, and Harvard, but the Irish made a bid to get into the top echelon of the six-boat race by the 1,000-meter mark. In the end, Virginia fought off Notre Dame to finish second (6:55.906) as the Irish came in third (6:57.515). Indiana finished fourth (7:00.092) followed by Harvard in fifth (7:03.286) and the Trojans in sixth with a final time of 7:04.959.

    The varsity eight was coxed by junior Paige Fernandes with Deirdre Fitzpatrick in the stroke seat. Kristzina Gyimes sat in the seventh seat followed by Madara Strautmane, Keret Einaste, Madelyn Walters, Elizabeth Turner, Vineta Moca, and Svenja Jonas in the bow seat.

    Washington and Michigan took early leads in the II Eights petite final but by the midway mark, UCLA had thrust itself into the conversation. The Trojans were in a second group with Washington State and Harvard, but the Crimson went off course and later protested course conditions. Following discussions, the protest was withdrawn and Michigan was crowned the winner of the final with a time of 7:02.998. UCLA finished in second place (7:05.603), Notre Dame was third (7:06.847), Washington took fourth (7:08.530), and Washington State was fifth (7:10.070). The Trojans crossed the line in sixth place with a time of 7:20.936 followed only by Harvard which came in seventh at 7:32.275.

    USC's second varsity eight was coxed by junior Kellyn Freire with junior captain Katherine Gleadow at the stroke. Gleadow was followed by Sara Bilimoria, Eglit Vosu, Jelena Miladinovic, Kamali Houston, Gitta Kivilaan, Frederike Hackenbroch, and Shelby Adair in the bow.

    For complete results from the NCAA Championships, visit NCAA.com. For more information on USC women's rowing, please visit USCTrojans.com.

    Eagle Creek Park | Indianapolis, Ind.
    Sunday, June 1, 2014


    1 (3) 6:51.795 Princeton 1 (3) 7:02.998 Michigan 1 (3) 7:43.088 California 1 Ohio State 126
    2 (4) 6:55.906 Virginia 2 (4) 7:05.603 UCLA 2 (4) 7:44.379 Stanford 2 California 118
    3 (5) 6:57.515 Notre Dame 3 (2) 7:06.847 Notre Dame 3 (5) 7:45.948 Virginia 3 Brown 116
    4 (1) 7:00.092 Indiana 4 (4) 7:08.530 Washington 4 (6) 7:47.978 Brown 4 Stanford 110
    5 (6) 7:03.286 Harvard 5 (1) 7:10.070 Wash. State 5 (2) 7:48.519 Washington 5 Virginia 105
    6 (2) 7:04.959 USC 6 (6) 7:20.936 USC 6 (1) 7:56.865 USC 6 Princeton 102
          7 (7) 7:32.275 Harvard       7 Washington 101
                      8 Michigan 101
    USC 1V8 USC 2V8 USC 1V4 9 Notre Dame 81
    Bow Svenja Jonas Bow Shelby Adair Bow Rebecca Shaffer 10 USC 72
    2 Vineta Moca 2 Frederike Hackenbroch 2 Kajsa Olsson 11 Indiana 71
    3 Elizabeth Turner 3 Gitta Kivilaan 3 Darian DiCianno 12 UCLA 68
    4 Madelyn Walters 4 Kamali Houston Stk Lindsay Gibson 13 Harvard 62
    5 Keret Einaste 5 Jelena Miladinovic Cox Kaelyn Ibold 14 Wash. State 58
    6 Madara Strautmane 6 Eglit Vosu     15 San Diego 48
    7 Krisztina Gyimes 7 Sara Bilimoria     16 Wisconsin 45
    Stk Deirdre Fitzpatrick Stk Katherine Gleadow     17 Louisville 44
    Cox Paige Fernandes Cox Kellyn Freire     18 Northeastern 27
                19 Oklahoma 27
                20 Boston Univ. 17
                21 Massachusetts 13
                22 Jacksonville 6