The Women of Troy Tackle the San Diego Fall Classic

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    Nov. 14, 2016

    SAN DIEGO - Over the weekend, the Women of Troy traveled to San Diego to compete in the San Diego Fall Classic in Mission Bay – Crown Point where they proved to be the strongest competitors on the water. The Trojans placed first and second in the Women’s Open 4+ event with times of 0:18:29 (Boat A) and 0:18:36 (Boat B), respectively.

    Three other Trojan boats were entered in the Open 4+ race that consisted of a total of 15 boats. USC’s Boat C completed the course with a time of 0:18:56 (4th place), while Boat D finished with a 0:19:55 time (6th place) and Boat E quickly behind at 0:20:08 (7th place).

    The Women of Troy also raced in the Novice 8+ competition where USC’s boat placed 4th with a time of 0:20:16.

    The Trojans will have a break in their action until April 1, 2017, when they will travel back to San Diego for the 44th Annual San Diego Crew Classic.

    Women's Open 4+

    USC A - 1st (0:18:29)
    Bow Sasha Varekova
    2 Chloe Brew
    3 Astrid Steensberg
    Stk Athina Angelopoulou
    Cox Kaelyn Ibold
    USC B - 2nd (0:18:36)
    Bow Sofia Sobotta
    2 Ida Gørtz Jacobsen
    3 Krete Koovit
    Stk Radka Novotnikova
    Cox Madeline Young
    USC C - 4th (0:18:56)
    Bow Miona Mitrovic
    2 Katarzyna Pilch
    3 Sawyer Chenen
    Stk Molly Thorp
    Cox Chloe Chrysikopoulos
    USC D - 6th (0:19:55)
    Bow Kate Melberg
    2 Caroline McMorrow
    3 Katherine Hubert
    Stk Isabel Fitter
    Cox Liv Reiter
    USC E - 7th (0:20:08)
    Bow Lauren Blonien
    2 Leah King
    3 Emily McRight
    Stk Erika Blumberga
    Cox Genevieve de Vicq

    Women's Novice 8+

    USC - 4th (0:20:16)
    Bow Athena Karavasilis
    2 Georgia Babikian
    3 Katie Usellis
    4 Jordyn Alves
    5 Veronica Scupine
    6 Diandra DeCampos-Kundahl
    7 Claire Wigginton
    Stk Alyssa Moore
    Cox Genevieve de Vicq