Women of Troy Prove Strong at Head of the American

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    Oct. 31, 2016

    GOLD RIVER, CALIF. - USC's women's rowing team had a strong day of racing as they competed against many of the Western region schools in the Head of the American Regatta in Gold River, Calif. over the weekend. Races were conducted on a five-kilometer course in a time trial format with staggered starts. For complete times and results, see below.

    The Trojans competed in the Women's Collegiate 8+ event where they placed third in a field of 26 boats. They completed the course with a time of 17:51.1, just 0.3 seconds behind Cal (17.50.8) and seven seconds behind first place Washington (17.44.1).

    In the pairs' race, USC's top four pairs placed in the top 10 in a field of 51 boats. The duo of Nikoline Laidlaw and Sofie Sobotta placed 6th (20:45.9), Chloe Brew and Radka Novotnikova claimed 7th (20.46.0), Ida Jacobsen and Krete Koovit took 9th (20.49.5) while Astrid Steensberg and Athina Angelopoulou finished 10th (20.52.3). In addition, Moly Thorp and Isabel Fitter finished 21st (21.22.4) and Katarzyna Pilch and Sa?a Varekova placed 28th (21.29.8).

    The Women of Troy also entered boats in the Women's Collegiate 4+ event, where their top boat claimed second place (20.10.3), 10 seconds behind San Diego which took first.

    Finally, in the Novice 8+ race, USC's entry, built mostly from walk-on's who only just began rowing a few weeks ago, placed second among 12 boats in the event.

    USC's next action will take them down south to the San Diego Fall Classic, which will be held on Sunday, Nov. 13 at Mission Bay - Crown Point in San Diego.

    Women's Collegiate 8+

    Entry A - 3rd (17.51.1)
    Bow Ida Gørtz Jacobsen
    2 Sofia Sobotta
    3 Nikoline Laidlaw
    4 Krete Koovit
    5 Astrid Steensberg
    6 Chloe Brew
    7 Radka Novotnikova
    Stk Athina Angelopoulou
    Cox Madeline Young
    Entry B - 12th (18.58.7)
    Bow Emily McRight
    2 Lauren Blonien
    3 Caroline McMorrow
    4 Kate Melberg
    5 Sawyer Chenen
    6 Katie Hubert
    7 Miona Mitrovic
    Stk Erika Blumberga
    Cox Kendall Green

    Women's Collegiate 2-

    Entry B - 6th (20.45.9)
    Nikoline Laidlaw
    Sofia Sobotta
    Entry D - 7th (20.45.9)
    Entry A - 9th (20.49.5)
    Ida Gørtz Jacobsen
    Krete Koovit
    Entry C - 10th (20.52.3)
    Astrid Steensberg
    Athina Angelopoulou
    Entry E - 21st (21.22.4)
    Sasha Varekova
    Entry F - 28st (21.29.8)
    Molly Thorp
    Isabel Fitter
    Entry G - 32nd (21.47.1)
    Katie Hubert
    Sawyer Chenen

    Women's Collegiate 4+

    Entry A - 2nd (20.10.3)
    Bow Katarzyna Pilch
    2 Isabel Fitter
    3 Molly Thorp
    Stk Sasha Varekova
    Cox Kaelyn Ibold
    Entry B - (22.03.6)
    Bow Emily McRight
    2 Kate Melberg
    3 Lauren Blonien
    Stk Erika Blumberga
    Cox Chloe Chrysikopoulos

    Women's Collegiate Novice 8+

    Entry A - 2nd (20.24.9)
    Bow Athena Karavasilis
    2 Katie Usellis
    3 Jordyn Alves
    4 Diandra DeCampos-Kundahl
    5 Veronica Scupine
    6 Alyssa Moore
    7 Claire Wigginton
    Stk Leah King
    Cox Olivia Reiter