Trojans Sweep Up Competition in First-Ever Pac-12 Networks Broadcast

    USC senior Kirby Burnham

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    March 27, 2014

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    LOS ANGELES - The second-ranked USC women's sand volleyball team (10-1) produced a pair of 5-0 victories over Cal State Northridge (1-9) and Oregon (1-7) at Merle Norman Stadium on Thursday, March 27. The two duals were the first-ever live collegiate women's sand volleyball matches to be broadcast and were carried by the Pac-12 Networks with Anne Marie Anderson and Holly McPeak on the call.

    The Women of Troy extended their program-best winning streak to nine matches and posted their fifth and sixth 5-0 sweeps of the season. In fact, USC won all 10 matchups in straight sets.

    In its match with CSUN, USC's freshman tandem of Nicolette Martin and Allie Wheeler nabbed the first point of the day on a 21-15, 21-11 win over Alia Casino and Stephanie Serna at the No. 5 position. The Trojans went up, 2-0, in the dual when juniors Eve Ettinger and Bria Russ completed a 21-9, 21-16 win over Sam Kaul and Steffi Miller at court four.

    The Trojans got their clinching point from court two where freshman Kelly Claes and sophomore Alexa Strange fought back from a first-set deficit to knock off Sydney Gedryn and Kelcie Randazzo, 21-13, 21-8. At the top, senior Kirby Burnham and freshman Sara Hughes tacked on a fourth point with a 21-11, 21-16 win against Natalie Allen and Casey Hinger before seniors Sam Hirschmann and Natasa Siljkovic put the 5-0 sweep in the books on their 21-10, 21-17 win over Marissa Boyd and Mahina Haina from court three.

    In a non-counting match played later, junior Alexa Stonish and freshman Paige Hines teamed up to post a 21-7, 21-17 win over Casino and Serna.

    Against the Ducks, it was Martin and Wheeler who got things going first on their 21-9, 21-13 win over Naya Crittenden and Serena Warner at court five. The victory pushed the Trojans' record at court five to 10-1 on the year. Ettinger and Russ staved off Amanda Benson and Martenne Bettendorf for a 21-17, 21-19 win at court four to put USC up, 2-0, in the dual.

    Burnham and Hughes put together their 10th straight win and pushed their record to 18-3 as a pair with a 21-5, 21-12 win over Natalie Bookout Gonzalez and Canace Finley at the top court. The win clinched the dual for the Women of Troy. Claes and Strange posted the Trojans' fourth point from court two with a 21-9, 21-14 win over Liz Brenner and Tatum Norton before Hirschmann and Siljkovic finished the day off with a 21-14, 21-15 win against Shellsy Ashen and Kacey Nady at court three.

    In a neutral dual, the Matadors defeated Oregon, 3-2. The Ducks got wins at courts three and four where Ashen and Nady took out Boyd and Haina, and Benson and Bettendorf won against Kaul and Miller, respectively. CSUN's Brooke Dawson and Julie Haake got the win at court five over Crittenden and Warner but it was Allen and Hinger who had the clinching point at the top court over Bookout Gonzalez and Finley. The Matadors also got a win at court two from Gedryn and Randazzo who defeated Brenner and Norton.

    In a second live broadcast by the Pac-12 Networks, the second-ranked Women of Troy are back in action on Thursday (April 3) as hosts to Loyola Marymount (4-6) and No. 6 UCLA (4-2) at Merle Norman Stadium. The Trojans and the Lions will play at 1:30 p.m. PT followed by LMU and the Bruins at 3 p.m. before USC and UCLA take the court for a rivalry dual at 4:30 p.m. Anne Marie Anderson will be on hand to provide play-by-play with beach volleyball star Holly McPeak alongside for color commentary. Please visit for more information.

    No. 2 USC 5, Cal State Northridge 0
    Merle Norman Stadium | Los Angeles, Calif.
    Thursday, March 27, 2014
    Records: USC (9-1), Cal State Northridge (0-9)
    1. Kirby Burnham/Sara Hughes (USC) def. Natalie Allen/Casey Hinger (CSUN); 21-11, 21-16
    2. Kelly Claes/Alexa Strange (USC) def. Sydney Gedryn/Kelcie Randazzo (CSUN); 21-13, 21-8
    3. Sam Hirschmann/Natasa Siljkovic (USC) def. Marissa Boyd/Mahina Haina (CSUN); 21-10; 21-17
    4. Eve Ettinger/Bria Russ (USC) def. Sam Kaul/Steffi Miller (CSUN); 21-9, 21-16
    5. Nicolette Martin/Allie Wheeler (USC) def. Alia Casino/Stephanie Serna (CSUN); 21-15, 21-11
    Order of finish:  5, 4, 2*, 1, 3
    6. Paige Hines/Alexa Stonish (USC) def. Alia Casino/Stephanie Serna (CSUN); 21-7, 21-17

    No. 2 USC 5, Oregon 0
    Merle Norman Stadium | Los Angeles, Calif.
    Thursday, March 27, 2014
    Records: USC (10-1), Oregon (1-6)
    1. Kirby Burnham/Sara Hughes (USC) def. Natalie Bookout Gonzalez/Canace Finley (ORE); 21-5, 21-12
    2. Kelly Claes/Alexa Strange (USC) def. Liz Brenner/Tatum Norton (ORE); 21-9, 21-14
    3. Sam Hirschmann/Natasa Siljkovic (USC) def. Shellsy Ashen/Kacey Nady (ORE); 21-14, 21-15
    4. Eve Ettinger/Bria Russ (USC) def. Amanda Benson/Martenne Bettendorf (ORE); 21-17, 21-19
    5. Nicolette Martin/Allie Wheeler (USC) def. Naya Crittenden/Serena Warner (ORE); 21-9, 21-13
    Order of finish: 5, 4, 1*, 2, 3

    Cal State Northridge 3, Oregon 2
    Merle Norman Stadium | Los Angeles, Calif.
    Thursday, March 27, 2014
    Records: Cal State Northridge (1-9), Oregon (1-7)
    1. Natalie Allen/Casey Hinger (CSUN) def. Natalie Bookout Gonzalez/Canace Finley (ORE); 21-15, 21-12
    2. Sydney Gedryn/Kelcie Randazzo (CSUN) def. Liz Brenner/Tatum Norton (ORE); 21-18, 21-11
    3. Shellsy Ashen/Kacey Nady (ORE) def. Marissa Boyd/Mahina Haina (CSUN); 21-18, 21-14
    4. Amanda Benson/Martenne Bettendorf (ORE) def. Sam Kaul/Steffi Miller (CSUN); 21-19, 21-15
    5. Brooke Dawson/Julie Haake (CSUN) def. Naya Crittenden/Serena Warner (ORE); 21-18, 21-15
    Order of finish: 5, 4, 2, 1*, 3