USC Dominates Endless Summer Tournament in Huntington Beach

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    Oct. 22, 2016

    HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. -- The USC beach volleyball team produced winning pairs in each of the three brackets to dominate the competition at the Endless Summer Volleyball Tournament near the Huntington Beach Pier on Saturday, Oct. 22. Facing pairs from UCLA, Long Beach State, Grand Canyon, Cal Poly, and San Jose State, the Trojans went one and two in each final.

    Senior All-Americans Kelly Claes and Sara Hughes won gold in the gold division and defeated fellow seniors Sophie Bukovec and Allie Wheeler, who took silver, in the final, 21-12, 24-22. In the gold division's back-draw final, freshman Joy Dennis and senior Nicolette Martin teamed to finish on top by defeating a pair from UCLA.

    In the silver division, sophomore Abril Bustamante teamed with junior Terese Cannon to win gold by taking down juniors Jenna Belton and Jo Kremer, 17-21, 21-18, 15-13, in the final. Sophomores Becca Dunn and Katrina Kernochan finished tied for third in the silver division after falling to Belton and Kremer in the semifinals.

    In the bronze division, junior Lorna Brandt and freshman Avery Hazelrigg defeated the Trojans' freshman duo of Cammie Dorn and Lainy Thomas, 22-20, 21-19, in the final.

    The Women of Troy fared well for the most part in pool matches. There, pairs played two sets and used a point system to determine pool winners. In the quarter and semifinals, teams played just one set to 21 points. All finals were played to completion as best two out of three sets.

    Last season, the top-ranked Women of Troy finished with a 34-2 overall record and secured the inaugural Pac-12 championship and the sport's first-ever NCAA crown. The Trojans completed a 30-match winning streak and defeated Florida State, 3-0, in the first NCAA title match to cement themselves as the first-ever back-to-back collegiate beach volleyball national champions. Head coach Anna Collier became the first collegiate head coach to reach the 100-win mark and is 108-17 in five seasons at Troy for an .864 winning percentage. Seniors Kelly Claes and Sara Hughes went undefeated with a 48-0 record and dropped just one set all season. They were each named AVCA All-Americans and won the first-ever Pac-12 Pairs championship.

    For more information on the two-time national champion USC beach volleyball team and a complete schedule, please visit and follow @USCBeach on Facebook, Twitter, Periscope, Instagram, and Snapchat.

    Huntington Beach Pier | Huntington Beach, Calif.
    Saturday, Oct. 22, 2016


    POOL 1

    Kelly Claes/Sara Hughes (USC) def. Emma Doud/Veronica Nederend (LMU); 21-7, 21-12
    Kelly Claes/Sara Hughes (USC) def. Kamila Tan/Madi Yeomans (UCLA); 21-13, 21-17
    Kelly Claes/Sara Hughes (USC) def. Emily Reinking/Tjasa Kotnik (GCU); 21-11, 22-20

    POOL 2
    Jessica Clark/Tyanna Roy (GCU) tie Joy Dennis/Nicolette Martin (USC); 21-15, 17-21
    Zoi Konstantopoulou/Kobi Pekich (LBSU) def. Joy Dennier/Nicolette Martin (USC); 21-14, 21-19
    Megan McNamara/Remy Wilson (UCLA) def. Joy Dennis/Nicolette Martin (USC); 21-17, 21-19

    POOL 3
    Sophie Bukovec/Allie Wheeler (USC) def. Rachel Nieto/Mykah Wilson (LBSU); 21-17, 19-21
    Sophie Bukovec/Allie Wheeler (USC) def. Jasmine Hogan/Ivey Schmitt (UCLA); 21-16, 21-17
    Sophie Bukovec/Allie Wheeler (USC) tie Rebecca Conrad/Molly Turner (GCU); 18-21, 21-18

    Sophie Bukovec/Allie Wheeler (USC) def. Jessica Clark/Tyanna Roy (GCU); 21-16

    Sophie Bukovec/Allie Wheeler (USC) def. Zoi Konstantopoulou/Kobi Pekich (LBSU); 21-16
    Kelly Claes/Sara Hughes (USC) def. Rebecca Conrad/Molly Turner (GCU); 21-10

    Kelly Claes/Sara Hughes (USC) def. Sophie Bukovec/Allie Wheeler (USC); 21-12, 24-22

    Joy Dennis/Nicolette Martin (USC) def. Emma Doud/Veronica Nederend (LMU); 21-15

    Joy Dennis/Nicolette Martin (USC) def. Rachel Nieto/Mykah Wilson (LBSU); 21-15

    Joy Dennis/Nicolette Martin (USC) def. Megan McNamara/Remy Wilson (UCLA); 21-19, 21-14


    POOL 1
    Becca Dunn/Katrina Kernochan (USC) def. Ariana Garner/Ciana Wagner (LBSU); 21-10, 21-9
    Becca Dunn/Katrina Kernochan (USC) tie Izzy Carey/Lily Justine (UCLA); 22-20, 19-21
    Becca Dunn/Katrina Kernochan (USC) def. Micaela Mirabal/Olivia Unnasch (GCU); 21-10, 21-9

    POOL 2
    Abril Bustamante/Terese Cannon (USC) def. Maggie DeMore/Emily Reinking (GCU); 21-12, 21-11
    Abril Bustamante/Terese Cannon (USC) def. Hubbard/Sunny (CP); 21-18, 21-18
    Abril Bustamante/Terese Cannon (USC) def. Abigail Marchewka/Michaela Reese (GCU); 21-12, 21-8

    POOL 3
    Jenna Belton/Jo Kremer (USC) def. Ariana Garner/Ciana Wagner (LBSU); 21-8, 21-13
    Jenna Belton/Jo Kremer (USC) def. Kelli Iverson/Jessica Stansfield (GCU); 21-10, 21-14

    Becca Dunn/Katrina Kernochan (USC) def. Kelli Iverson/Jessica Stansfield (GCU); 21-14

    Jenna Belton/Jo Kremer (USC) def. Becca Dunn/Katrina Kernochan (USC); 21-18
    Abril Bustamante/Terese Cannon (USC) def. Izzy Carey/Lily Justine (UCLA); 21-18

    Abril Bustamante/Terese Cannon (USC) def. Jenna Belton/Jo Kremer (USC); 17-21, 21-18, 15-13


    POOL 1

    Cammie Dorn/Lainy Thomas (USC) def. Anna Gorman/Jacqui Martin (CP); 21-11, 21-7
    Cammie Dorn/Lainy Thomas (USC) def. Brittnay Estes/Tatiana Schlange (LMU); 21-11, 21-13
    Cammie Dorn/Lainy Thomas (USC) def. Brittnay Estes/Tatiana Schlange (LMU); 21-13, 21-15

    POOL 2
    Lorna Brandt/Avery Hazelrigg (USC) def. Lindsey Lawmaster/Alicia Utke (LBSU); 21-16, 26-24

    Cammie Dorn/Lainy Thomas (USC) def. Milla Anderson/Julia Golbeck Golik (SJSU); 21-8
    Lorna Brandt/Avery Hazelrigg (USC) def. Anna Gorman/Jacqui Martin (CP); 21-19

    Lorna Brandt/Avery Hazelrigg (USC) def. Cammie Dorn/Lainy Thomas (USC); 22-20, 21-19