Eurotrip 2015 With USC Sand Volleyball: Part I

    The Women of Troy are in Europe to see Italy, Slovenia, and Austria.

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    May 15, 2015

    The national champion USC women's sand volleyball team is on a two-week trip through Europe (Italy, Slovenia, Austria) to compete in tournaments and indulge in the culture. We will periodically chronicle the trip through the eyes of the players.


    Day One (May 13): Freshman Olivia Asprey. Olivia has a British background, but hasn't been to Europe since she was six years old.

    Q--You're the player with European roots. What can our players expect on this trip?

    A--Well, I was born in Bermuda, but my parents are from England. The last time I was in England was when I was six. So I'm excited to finally get to go back overseas. I don't remember a lot, but I think we'll find the people there very friendly and outgoing. They'll want to talk to us about America. And I think the food will be different from what we know.

    Q--What have you told the team about Europe?

    A--I think it's important that we try new things, and be flexible. Things might not always be how we are used to and go as we have planned.

    Q--What do you expect from the volleyball on this trip?

    A--We should be able to take a lot of info from all the different coaching styles and playing styles we'll see. Hopefully, we can learn some new things to improve our games.

    Q--What are you looking forward to seeing?

    A--Venice. I'm excited to see the gondolas. And, of course, trying all the chocolate!

    Day Two (May 14): Freshman Lorna Brandt. Lorna is the only Trojan to have never travelled out of the country. The start of this trip was, to say the least, interesting for her.

    Q--What are your expectations for this trip?

    A--I'm super excited because I've never been out of the country. I packed everything I thought I'd need and enjoyed hearing about all the different things we have planned for this trip. I went online and looked up pictures of the cities we are visiting. I talked to my grandparents, who've been to Europe, and they told me things. I'm pumped.

    Q--So, what happened at LAX as you were going through check-in?

    A--The security people were randomly selecting people to check their hands for explosives. I got picked, along with Paul Perrier (USC compliance officer). When they checked my hands, the screen starting beeping and turned RED, and it read: `Explosives detected.' They took me to a special security room for an hour. Paul came with me. For some reason, he had Anna's (Collier) plane ticket instead of his, so that made it look even more suspicious. They didn't let him say anything the whole time. I got the full pat down. Two guards checked my bags. They finally let us go. I don't know why the alarm went off. It was either the lotion I used or maybe it was from sitting on the lawn at home before I left and maybe there was some type of fertilizer on it.

    Q--What do you want to get out of this trip?

    A--I want to experience the culture and the volleyball. I want to learn a few new words. And I want to make it back home without another incident!

    Q--And what do you expect from a volleyball standpoint?

    A--I want to see all the different players, some of the best in the world, and learn from them. And I want to grow my game.