Eurotrip 2015 With USC Sand Volleyball: Part III

    The Women of Troy are in Europe to see Italy, Slovenia, and Austria.

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    May 18, 2015

    The national champion USC sand volleyball team is on a two-week trip through Europe (Italy, Slovenia, Austria) to compete in tournaments and indulge in the culture. We will periodically chronicle the trip through the eyes of the players.


    Day Five (May 17):Freshman Jo Kremer. Jo tells us about the team's first day of sightseeing.

    Q--So, what did you and your teammates do today?

    A--We had a great day of sightseeing. We took an hour train ride to Venice, then got on a water taxi to the island of Murano. That's a small island that is known for its glass blowing. Then we took another boat to the island of Burano, which specializes in lace. It also has lots of very colorful houses. After having lunch there and getting a history lesson on Venice from Britta (Bothe, a USC German professor accompanying the team), we returned by boat to Venice.

    Q--How was Venice?

    A--Venice was a very pretty city and it was interesting to see all the very old buildings. There were canals everywhere. That's how the people get around the city. I went with Meg, Eve, Alexa (Strange), and Sophie sightseeing and shopping. We walked everywhere and there were so many bridges over all the canals. I bought some boots and Alexa and Sophie bought leather jackets.

    Q--What about your interesting experience with your feet?

    A--We were walking down a street and saw a store that offered pedicures done by fish. We put our feet in these buckets filled with fish and the fish nibble the dead skin off your feet. It kind of tickled. But our feet were really smooth after that!

    Q--What's on the schedule for the next few days?

    A--We're visiting Verona tomorrow and then going wine tasting. Then we head to Slovenia to play some international teams in the capital city, Ljubljana.

    Day Six (May 18):Sophomore Nicolette Martin. Nic takes us through the team's day in Verona and the dinner stop at the Paladin winery on the way back to Bibione.

    Q--Tell us what you did today in Verona.

    A--Verona was a really cool city. I really liked seeing Juliet's house and balcony, and putting a love note in the trees. All the team did it, it was really romantic. We looked around a lot, saw the old Roman arena that looked like our Coliseum and then we did some shopping.

    Q--How was the visit to the Paladin winery?

    A--I'd never been to a winery before. I found it really interesting to learn about how old it was and how they make the wines. It was a great experience. And, of course, the food they served us was really good!

    Q--How has the trip gone for you so far?

    A--I've never been to Europe. It's been amazing to be on another continent and see so many different things that we don't see in America. And to get to play some volleyball is a bonus.

    Q--Now, what are you looking forward to in Slovenia?

    A--I thought the last tournament in Bibione was amazing to play in and we go to meet so many players from all over. I'm really excited to go to Slovenia now and play in that tournament and meet more people and make more friends and contacts.