No. 10 USC Women Snag Another Pac-12 Road Win

    Giuliana Olmos wrapped up doubles and singles wins today for the Trojans.

    March 16, 2014

    SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- The No. 10 USC women's tennis team pocketed another Pac-12 road victory in tacking up a 4-1 win over No. 37 host Utah today. The Trojans rumbled to the doubles point with wins on the top two courts and surrendered just one singles match before Zoë Scandalis hauled in the clincher again from her court one singles spot to net the 4-1 win. USC improves to 11-4 overall and takes a 2-0 record in Pac-12 matches with the victory.

    The Trojans got their feet under them with a solid showing in doubles. Senior tandem Kaitlyn Christian and Brynn Boren wrapped up the opening win on an 8-4 victory on court one before Zoë Katz and Giuliana Olmos shut the door on doubles play with an 8-6 win at the No. 2 spot. Gabriella DeSimone kept the momentum rolling with a swift singles win on court four, beating Sarah Richter 6-1, 6-3 for a 2-0 USC advantage.

    The Utes would get on the board from court five, where Paige Miles topped #76 Zoë Katz 6-3-, 6-3 to creep Utah within one. At the No. 3 position, #71 Giuliana Olmos squashed Utah's hopes of an equalizer with one powerful stroke -- a 6-1, 6-1 win over Callie Craig to put USC ahead 3-1. COming through in the clutch for the second straight match was junior Zoë Scandalis on court one. #25 Scandalis handled Utah's #125 Tereza Bekerova with a 6-2, 6-2 clinching win that capped the day's action as a 4-1 USC victory.



    The Trojans will take aim at a another Pac-12 road win next week with a trip to Seattle to face Washington at 12 p.m. on March 23.

    #10 USC 4, #37 Utah 1
    March 16, 2014 - Salt Lake City, Utah
    (1) Kaitlyn Christian/Brynn Boren (USC) def. Tereza Bekerova/Paige Miles (Utah) - 8-4
    (2) Giuliana Olmos/Zoe Katz (USC) def. Sarah Richter/Luisa da Rosa (Utah) - 8-6
    (3) Callie Craig/Sarah Pham (Utah) vs. Zoe Scandalis/Gabriella DeSimone (USC) - 3-6 DNF
    USC wins doubles point
    Order of finish: 1, 2
    (1) #25 Zoë Scandalis (USC) def. #125 Tereza Bekerova (Utah) - 6-2, 6-2*
    (2) Sarah Pham (Utah) vs. Brynn Boren (USC) - 6-2, 2-5 susp.
    (3) #71 Giuliana Olmos (USC) def. Callie Craig (Utah) - 6-1, 6-1
    (4) Gabriella DeSimone def. Sarah Richter (Utah) - 6-1, 6-3
    (5) Paige Miles (Utah) def. #76 Zoë Katz (USC) - 6-3, 6-3
    (6) Luisa da Rosa (Utah) vs. Kaitlyn Christian (USC) - 2-6, 3-4 susp.
    Order of finish: 4, 5, 3, 1