Junior Match Play Trojan Tennis Camp Second Session Set For July 21-23 At USC

    West Nott

    July 8, 2014

    A second session of the popular Junior Match Play Trojan Tennis Camp, led by longtime USC women’s tennis assistant coach West Nott, will be held on July 21-23 at USC Marks Tennis Stadium after the first session sold out quickly.

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    The camp is open to a total of 16 players (beginners, intermediate and tournament players) of all ages. It will focus on competing and match play, with the focus on singles and doubles point play for 12 sets.

    Nott, who has been at USC the past seven years and was the 2009 ITA West Region Assistant Coach of the Year after serving as an assistant with the Washington men’s team following a playing career at Georgia Tech, will share the general concepts of a collegiate tennis practice sessions. He begins every session with a theme on how to stack the odds in the player’s favor in order to become tougher to beat and win more matches. He believes in the value of match play based on his own playing and coaching experience. He also believes young players should play as many sets a year as possible, up to 500 sets.

    During match play, Nott hold campers to a high standard of emotional control. He also shares nuggets of wisdom between points when he sees fit.

    Nott also offers limited private lessons in the mornings, afternoon, or evening during the camp.

    For more information, Nott can be contacted at (213) 725-3091 or nott@usc.edu.