USC vs. Cleveland State: Post-Match Quotes

    Dec. 4, 2015

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    USC Quotes:

    USC Head Coach Mick Haley
    Opening statement
    "I think Cleveland State's coach did a great job with those players. They are blue collar, as I expected them to be, they play defense, they hustle. But the good thing was we out dug them, which is very, very good because that is their forte. Their left-side hitters got a few more kills than we wanted. We tried some things in the first and second set, and they worked okay, but they were marginal. We changed up the matchups a little bit in sets three and four and that worked a little bit better. I really didn't want to use Sam [Bricio] as much as we did, but it worked out well. We got a 3-1 win but I do think Cleveland State represented the Horizon conference really well, and I think they don't have anything to hang their heads about."

    On the team's leadership
    "[Leadership] is what gives us a chance to win this tournament, and I would compliment all three of these ladies (Alicia Ogoms, Elise Ruddins, and Samantha Bricio) for the leadership they have given so far through the season. While Sam has been the captain, each one of these players have really stepped up and either supported Sam or taken the initiative to take a little bit off of her shoulders."

    Alicia Ogoms, Sr.
    On losing second set and going into third set
    "I think we went into the halftime and we were talking about how it was more things that we were making mistakes on our side of the net, we were giving away points that we normally don't, we weren't serving as tough as we usually do, that type of stuff. We were definitely trying to reset when we got to the locker room and then we came out and we tried to execute our system as well as we could."



    Elise Ruddins, Jr.
    On preparing for the next match
    "I think our pregame routine is really important, Mick [Haley] usually emphasizes that a lot. We definitely need to stay on top of our routine and refuel really well tonight."

    Samantha Bricio, Sr.
    On preparing for the next match
    "I think it is just like any other game, you know, just focus before the game, do everything you normally do. I don't think we should change anything because everything we have been doing has been working."

    On being named Pac-12 Player of the Year
    "It was really an honor because the Pac-12 has really good players on every single team. I got that award, but it is because I have a great team. I need good setters, I need good passers, I need good middles; so it is more an award for the whole team."

    Cleveland State Quotes

    Cleveland State Head Coach CHUCK VOSS
    On Cleveland State's play
    "Obviously [USC] is a great team; big and physical, and very quick to the pins. They do stuff that we just can't simulate in our gym, so we got in a little trouble with that. I felt that we had a good mindset coming into the match and that we were prepared. As far as how we played--we played okay. We certainly didn't play great. We had some kids do some good things, but I think we could have played better."

    On what he told his team after winning the second set
    "We just talked about trying to stay aggressive. We've played enough big teams like [USC], but they're just better volleyball players than other big teams we have played like them. When we were able to hit good aggressive shots and not try to do too much. I thought our outsides were trying to attack their right side's outside hand and we were having a lot of success. And those first two sets, we were trying to get the ball to the right pin and I also thought we had a lot of success."

    On goals going into the season
    "I think this year especially, it has been a special year. We worked really, really hard last spring and going into summer, and coming into preseason. Every year, we make our goals at the beginning of preseason and this year it was: Horizon League champs, Horizon League tournament champs and our goal was NCAA tournament and we did it."

    On facing USC
    "Obviously, coming in, we knew who they were and we knew we had nothing to lose. With that being said, we just play our hardest and that pretty much worked for us. We were the underdogs. Nobody expected anything from us except for us and I think that we did a great job displaying what we can do."