WVB Post-Match Quotes: NCAA Second Round (USC vs. San Diego)

    Dec. 5, 2015

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    USC Head Coach MICK HALEY
    On his team’s performance against San Diego
    “San Diego really came storming out and got us back on our heels. I was so proud of our team the way they never panicked. They stayed right with it. We inched our way back, and about 12-12, we finally got ahead somewhere in there. Then, we separated and that separation was a big deal and that was good. They started out differently than we thought they would so matchups were different than we planned so we adjusted in the second set. The real key was sets one and three. We had a total of one hitting error. Total. That is really good volleyball when you don’t give your opponents free points. The second set, we had six errors. That’s why that set was close. We played really good volleyball tonight. We played USC volleyball and I think we’re ready to go now.”

    On the energy among the team and preparing for the week ahead
    “We are definitely excited to have a good week of practice before we play in San Diego. [It’s important] staying in rhythm, and practice will be an important key for us. Tonight, whenever we got in the huddle, all of us were really close to each other, with really good eye contact so it was really fun to play this game. Everyone had really good effort tonight too; everyone was chasing the balls. We look forward to the next round. Everyone was stoked to have this good rhythm and energy.”

    On advancing to the regional semifinals
    “We have to keep practicing. We have to work on things we didn’t do as [well] these past two games. We’re just having fun and it’s really exciting to play to get to the next level.”

    On the team’s energy and advancing to the next round
    “We’re excited to go on to the next round, definitely. We’re going to just try to get back in rhythm, just try to keep our momentum moving forward. For me and for Sam [Bricio], this was the last game we’re going to play in this building. That was a little extra motivation for us. We were just trying to play as best as we could. We’re approaching every team the same way. Every team is going to play their best against us because of our name and our ranking.”



    San Diego Head Coach JENNIFER PETRIE
    On her team’s performance in the second round
    “I thought that at strings and at times, we were really competitive. We played with a lot of heart and passion and played unafraid which was really great to see. And then there were times that we did some of the easy things poorly. I was really proud of the way they played and came out and battled. USC is a tremendous team right now and they’re playing at a very high level and they’ve got a few key components right now that are very hard to slow down, so unless you’re winning the serving battle—which we didn’t put enough pressure on them tonight—they really were hard to stop.”

    On how proud she is of her team
    “For my first NCAA tournament, I couldn’t asked for anything more. For this team to come out and give it their all after all the ups and downs this season. To know that there was this great wall in front of us, it was awesome; just an awesome journey.”