WVB Post-Match Quotes: USC vs. Cal State Northridge

    Dec. 6, 2013

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    USC Head Coach Mick Haley

    Opening statement
    “We are really pleased with the win tonight. Northridge is a better team than what the public knew. They are a discipline team and play their system very well. We never could relax during the game, and I think that is a tribute to the Northridge team. We are really happy to advance and have a chance to play another day. ”

    On planning for this game…
    “We planned a lot for this game. Northridge is unorthodox, they really don’t pass unless they have to. But they really have a nice system, really well constructed by the coaches and the team has really embraced it. We had to do some things to keep them off of the three passes. We needed to serve well, which we did great at. We also changed our lineup to match better with theirs. I thought we had to do a number of things to accommodate what they do best.”

    Natalie Hagglund, Sr.

    On going into the final phase of the season…
    “I am a senior, so I don’t have much time left with my team and my coaches. For me it is playing every point like it is the last. I am playing for my team because I am not going have much time with this wonderful group of people. I think it is exciting that the underclassmen are playing for the seniors and that this is our last season and we all have the same goal to win.”

    Samantha Bricio, So.

    On tonight’s victory…
    “Northridge is a really good team and I think they were over looked. I am really excited to get the win.”

    Cal State Northridge Head Coach JEFF STORK

    Opening statement
    “I’m proud of this team and we had an unbelievable season. It’s unfortunate that it’s over. I think ‘SC is a very good team. They controlled most of the match tonight. I thought the team played extremely well, minus the errors. We stayed with them offensively with kills and kills per set, but unfortunately, a few too many errors on our side, but overall, as we reflect, we look back on the good things and this was an unbelievable season for us, so I’m proud of the girls. I’m proud of the team.”



    On how this season has affected recruiting…
    “You know, I think, getting notoriety for playing well certainly creates interest and the players that we are recruiting. I think recruiting is never done and I’m real happy with where we are with the 2014-2015 class. We’ve signed four players and we have a couple walk-ons coming on. We’re going to have more kids in the program and our hope is also to develop sand volleyball, so we’re trying to increase our roster size.”


    On the team’s success in the Big West, winning last night and making it to the second round…
    “I’m really proud. I mean we’ve seen this program turn around and it’s just been such an honor, so much fun to get to play with all the girls. For our senior year to go this well and make the second round of the playoffs, it’s a dream come true.”

    On three seniors leaving and a prediction for next year…
    “I think they’re going to come back here. I mean Steffi [Miller]’s an amazing setter and she’s going to step in and lead the team so well. And along with that, we have great hitters…[to] step in for [Mahina Haina] and [Britney Graff]I, I honestly think they’re going to come back here next year and hopefully make it further.


    On goals or hopes to play volleyball professionally…
    “Yes, anything could happen. I mean, of course, you know if…opportunity presents itself, I mean I’d take it.”

    On the differences between last night and tonight…
    “It’s two different games, you know, and I think we did well in both matches. We had a good outcome last night and tonight not so good, but either way, I think we played really well. We could of, you know, minimized our errors here and there tonight, but I think, overall, we did pretty good as a team and we went pretty far, so I’m not mad about anything.”