WVB EuroTrip 2017: Day 3 - Salzburg, Austria

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    May 21, 2017

    The USC women's volleyball team is in Europe from May 18-30 for seven international exhibition matches and a taste of European culture and sightseeing. On Day 3, the Women of Troy traveled from Reykjavik, Iceland, to Munich, Germany, where they took a bus to the city of Salzburg, Austria. Junior outside hitter Alyse Ford blogs about the team's third day abroad.


    Our third day started pretty early because we had to catch a 7 a.m. flight out of Iceland. From there, it was about three and a half hours. When we landed in Munich, Germany, we hopped right on a bus to drive two more hours to Salzburg, Austria.

    We checked into our hotel, and then met up in the lobby to go get food. I had my first-ever wiener schnitzel, which was very different, but I loved it. I ate the entire thing. It reminded me of chicken friend steak. We also got ice cream, which was fire!

    It was nice not having to play for a day so we were able to adventure and really see the culture of the city we were in. It was also good to go around and be able to hang out with our teammates.

    After that, we went out to adventure around the city. We found this one garden where apparently, scenes from the Sound of Music were once filmed. I haven't seen the movie myself. While we were out, we also crossed a bridge that had a bunch of locks on it, which was really cute. Then, we kept going through the old town area of Salzburg, and took a lot of pictures.

    To top off the night, we took a tram up the side of the mountain to see the castle. We ran around and looked at all the different parts of the castle and read the plaques on the towers. Brittany Walsh and I went to Mater Dei together--a Catholic high school--and while we were wandering, we came across a religious mural and did a little prayer before we caught our tram back down to the bottom and took a taxi home.

    What a day! Fight On!