WVB EuroTrip 2017: Day 4 - Bled & Maribor, Slovenia

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    May 22, 2017

    The USC women's volleyball team is in Europe from May 18-30 for seven international exhibition matches and a taste of European culture and sightseeing. On Day 4, the Women of Troy traveled from Salzburg, Austria, through Bled, Slovenia, and arrived in Maribor, where they will spend the next four days. Senior middle blocker Jordan Dunn blogs about the team's fourth day abroad.


    Today, we got up early because we had a long drive. We left Salzburg, Austria, and got to Slovenia and arrived at Lake Bled, which was absolutely beautiful. There, we took a boat ride to a little island that had a beautiful church on it. I got to go to the top of the bell tower and experienced an absolutely breathtaking view; it was just gorgeous. When we got back from the island, our team ate lunch right on the water, and just soaked in the amazing view of the lake, and the surrounding mountains.

    After lunch, we continued our drive to Maribor, Slovenia. We played the Slovenian national team tonight. We fought hard for five sets, and ended up winning the fifth set, 15-12. We'll be here for the next couple of days and will play three more matches before we depart.

    We've done a lot of driving on this tour, but today, it was just absolutely beautiful to see all the rolling green hills with the icy mountains in the background. I really love seeing all the old buildings too. Everything seems so much more relaxed here and you can take time to enjoy it.

    I think this has been a great experience for us. Going out the other day in Austria and being able to spend time with our teammates without as much structure, we were able to bond in different ways off the volleyball court, and that really helps us connect both on and off the court. It helps us want to play better for each other and on top of that, it's just fun getting new experiences in different places, but with the same girls. I love them all! Fight On!