WVB EuroTrip 2017: Day 7 - Maribor, Slovenia

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    May 25, 2017

    The USC women's volleyball team is in Europe from May 18-30 for seven international exhibition matches and a taste of European culture and sightseeing. On Day 7, the team's final day in the city of Maribor, Slovenia, the Trojans started the morning at a ropes course. In the afternoon, the Women of Troy split a four-set match against Hungary, the world's No. 33-ranked national team. On their last night in Maribor, the Trojans enjoyed a beautiful sunset and dinner at the Doppler Winery on the outskirts of town. Sophomore outside hitter Khalia Lanier blogs about the team's seventh day abroad.


    We got up early this morning, and I had a pretty good breakfast. I ate another four of the croissants here, like I do every day. The first thing we did was head out to a ropes course, which was super hard. I actually only made it through two of the seven difficulty levels.

    While the ropes course was super exhausting, I do think it helped bond our team. I got to see some of my teammates do things that they never usually do. We all lift weights together, but going through this was definitely a different kind of workout. My arms still feel like noodles hours later. Encouraging your teammates and seeing how strong they can be and how amazing they can be was super fun. I was very proud of everyone.

    In the afternoon, we had a match with the world's No. 33-ranked national team and ended up splitting sets against Hungary in a very competitive match. Every set was very competitive and each of our losses was by just two points. I'm very proud of our team and the way we played today.

    The last thing we did today, to wrap up our time here in Slovenia, was to go on a short wine-tasting trip where we had dinner and got to enjoy some quality time with our teammates, coaches, and staff.

    At wine tasting, we had a nice little meal in the cellar of the winery. It seems they're always serving sausage here, and we had another two different kinds of it at dinner. We had some schnitzel, which is pork that is breaded and fried; and we had a bunch of different breads and carbs to choose from. That was really good. We heard about how to pair wines with what kinds of foods you're eating, and also learned a lot about the whole process of making wines, the different types, how fermentation works, etc. It was a different kind of learning experience, but it was also a lot of fun with my teammates.

    Slovenia is a beautiful country. There are a lot of different things to do here. We experienced alpine skiing, wine tasting, and a ropes course in our short time here. We did so many different activities, I think it was good for us to be here for a full four days because it gave us such a deep experience of this town and the country. There's definitely an eastern European feel and small-town vibes, and it feels like the town is very tight knit and close. It was a very exciting trip where we've had the chance to learn a lot and do a lot, so it has been very fun.