WVB EuroTrip 2017: Day 10 - Prague, Czech Republic

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    May 28, 2017

    The USC women's volleyball team is in Europe from May 18-30 for seven international exhibition matches and a taste of European culture and sightseeing. On Day 10, the Trojans played their final match of the trip against the Czech Republic's World University Games team in Prague. Senior opposite hitter Brittany Abercrombie shares her perspective on the team's 10th day abroad.


    Today, we had a pretty relaxed day. The players all had the mornings to themselves so we were on our own schedule for a bit. I went shopping with a couple of my teammates. We walked down this cool street with a lot of shops on it.

    I love the European styles available for some of the brands we have in America. The collection they have at the Zara in Europe is totally different from the ones at home. Reni [Meyer-Whalley] and I went to the store near our hotel and had a field day. She probably bought like 10 new outfits today.

    For lunch, we went to this spot called Bagueterie Boulevard. It was a fast-food baguette place and it was delicious. It kind of reminded me of Panera stores in America. After lunch, we had some time to get a little nap before we went out for our match.

    Our team took the metro train out to the match, but it wasn't that bad. I was able to find a seat both ways, so I was fine. We played the Czech Republic's University Games national team. They were really good, but they've only had a couple of practices together, so you could sometimes see they were still trying to figure out their system. We played five sets, each to 25, and we won four of them.

    After the match, we got back to the hotel and had a couple hours to get ready so everyone got all dressed up and ready to go out. We're planning on checking out the nightlife in Prague, so I'm very excited for that. Our whole team is going to get to hang out together now that our matches are done, and enjoy our last night together in Prague.

    I studied abroad in Brussels last summer, and we would visit several different cities on the weekends. I had always wanted to come visit Prague, but we weren't able to because of our limited schedule. I'm very grateful it was on our itinerary for this team trip. I loved the city in general. It actually doesn't remind me of any city I have already been to. I'm excited to share this experience with my team because it is a different experience as an individual student and trying to make your own friends. Now that I'm with the girls that I love and trust, I'm excited to hang out with them even more.