WVB NCAA Pre-Regional Press Conference Quotes

    USC will face Creighton in the NCAA San Diego Regional semifinal.

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    Dec. 10, 2015

    USC HEAD COACH Mick Haley
    As a team that has done so well, do you feel like the competition is getting tougher?
    "No question that that's true. It used to be that you felt like the kids in the west coast would play a little bit more volleyball because they get to play in the summers and outdoors. If you look at the number of matches and the number of practices that kids in the mid-west and on the east coast and the southwest are playing now, they're all playing about the same number. It's amazing. That's why the recruiting shifts from each side of the country from year to year... You don't have an advantage being on one side of the country or the other now. There's talent everywhere."

    On playing close to Los Angeles
    "There is a big population of USC alums that also live in San Diego so we're hoping that a lot of people come out as well. We've been basically playing all year to get sent here so we could play in this facility and in this game. It's kind of what we wanted."

    How do you handle the pressure of being at USC and being the number one seed?
    "It's always nice to play on a team that has such a history. I think it's good because it makes you want to work harder than normal."

    Transcription courtesy of University of San Diego Media Relations.