EURO BLOG: Trojans Take On The Italian Riviera

    July 7-10: Bogliasco, Italy

    Stephania Haralabidis
    Our next adventure took us to Bogliasco, Italy. This part of the trip was extra special because it was Brooke Presten's birthday. We spent a whole day celebrating her 19th birthday. Bogliasco is a little town in Italy where we spent three days at. During that time we scrimmaged twice against the 18-and-under Rari Nantes Bogliasco team. In both scrimmages our USC team won but the Bogliasco team was great competition.

    Bogliasco is a little town with secret spots. In order for these spots to be found, you need to walk around and explore the area. On our first day to Bogliasco, we went on a beach hunt. The sea was clear and clean but the beach was rocky. It was a challenge to get into the water but since we know how to eggbeater it didn't deter us much and it felt great to swim around in the sea.

    The area was also filled with restaurants, little shops and small bars near the beaches. The train that passed through Bogliasco took us to different areas around the Italian Riviera. Camoglio, Santa Marguerita and Portofino were the three beautiful towns we got to visit for the day. We also befriended a local in Bogliasco who showed some of our teammates a secret spot where they went cliff jumping in the next town over, Nervi. The next thing we knew, our entire team all joined together to experience this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity as we took turns jumping off the cliff into the water below.

    At the end of most days, we would celebrate our time spent together with gelato. You could say it became a tradition. The food, the people and the area are something that we will never be able to forget and it was an amazing experience. Every day it feels that we get even closer together by being in such special areas. Italy was such a beautiful place that will be greatly missed, but we are excited to see what is next!

    Fight on forever!
    -Stephania Haralabidis

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