USC XC Head Coach Freeman Excited About The Future

    USC cross country head coach David Freeman.

    Aug 28, 2013

    -- By Head Coach David Freeman

    It is a big honor to be part of the USC track and field/cross country program because of the history that it entails and what wearing the USC shield means. I think we can start something this season and actually be pretty good in cross country. We can then continue that over to the track side and help us win our 30th national championship in track, but everything does start off in cross country and that is where we are now.

    The girls on our team have the drive, they have the talent. My job is to develop the talent, help them grow, help them to start believing in themselves. The way I do that is through the training style that I have. I am more demanding in the respect that I expect more. With that said, I am more focused on their speed, the intensity side of things. Instead of going out for a 10-mile run, I'm more focused on what was the pacing. Details like that help them develop and get them thinking about the things they need to do.

    My job here is to help them grow, help them improve. The goal of the season is a couple things. Obviously we want to grow as a team and grow individually. We also want to compete at the Pac-12s and improve on our place last year. Another goal is to win the cross country USC-UCLA Dual Meet on Oct. 11. We obviously want to stay healthy and once we are done with cross country, start training for the track season and really develop in that sense.

    We have only been together for a few weeks, so the first couple of meets are kind of tune-ups, getting us back into the swing of things. We are working on getting the training down because the routine is different than the past years. We have incorporated a few new aspects to the training that the women are not used to, so there is an adjustment period. Hopefully over time that all starts lining up and then we will see the benefits of the training style. One of the benefits that comes along with that is the confidence level and the expectation level individually and collectively grows. That leads to the desire to really compete for the Pac-12 championship or at least be in the hunt for it and compete against the quality teams we have in the conference. These young women really have to represent USC, represent the shield in a positive light, not just athletically, but in the classroom.



    Obviously this is just a starting point, my job is to get the current team members buying into the new philosophy, new theories and coach Caryl's (Smith Gilbert) vision for the whole program. Naturally we have to find the right pieces of the puzzle, find the right fit and put this puzzle together and start winning again.